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Water Frame

No description

George Isaacs

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Water Frame

Richard Arkwright invented and patented the Water Frame in 1769
Richard based the Water Frame off of a spinning machine he made for Thomas High.
Richard hired John Kay to help him make the Water Frame.
What is the
Water Frame?
The Water Frame is a water-powered spinning frame.
For every spindle, the water frame used four pairs of rollers, each operating at a high rotating speed, drawing out the fiber which was then spun and twisted by the spindle
Now all of the specifics are confusing, but for this machine to work properly, the length and weight of the the rollers had to be exact.
What did the Water Frame solve?
The Water Frame spun fiber into thread faster
Previously, spinning frames were generally being powered by horses in a factory.
Since the Spinning Frame was too big to control manually, Arkwright wanted to find an easier way to use it.
How did this affect people's lifestyles?
Since the Water Frame is so big, continuous, loud, and requires a lot of flowing water; the ideal location would be in a factory.
The Water Frame being automatic and continuous made the production of thread quick and effortless.
After Arkwright lost his patent on the Spinning/Water Frame, they became very abundant.
This, of course, promoted the Industrial lifestyle bringing more people into the city
Water Frame
Yuh boi: George
Inventions Before/After Hand
Water Mill (202 BCE)

Spinning Frame (1280)

Spinning Jenny (1764)

Electronically-Powered Spinning Machines (Modern)
Pros and Cons
Very Fast
Brought people into the city
Reduced yarn price

Very Big
Very Loud
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