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Explainer Video Presentation


Arshad Alam

on 16 June 2016

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Transcript of Explainer Video Presentation

Explainer Videos
If a company or a startup has a new idea or product that no one has heard of people wouldn’t want to learn about it through reading.
Explainer videos are typically loaded on website home pages and landing pages but they are also used often for employee training or crowd control.
It's like design. If you've ever made a sandwich or a paper airplane, you've designed something, but it probably never seemed like design to you. It just happened without much thought.
What is an Explainer video?
For now, let's forget about video. I want to talk about explanation. You’ve probably explained something recently: Why you like a piece of music or why a news event matters to you.
Just as the design world has designers, the world of communication has explainers. Explainers don't simply explain ideas; they bring focus and attention to making an idea easy to understand.
Explainer videos should be 30-90 seconds in length which translates into a written script of around 200 words or less in most cases.

“An explainer video is a very short animated video, usually between 1 to 3 minutes, used to introduce a project, company, website or product. The explainer video is usually done in a cartoon style, and it may or may not have narrator”

Today, explainers have amazing opportunities
A trend we've seen emerging in a big way is explainer videos
Compiling an explainer video isn’t much more complicated than putting together a slide deck in a PowerPoint presentation
Often, these are short, animated videos with a specific goal: to explain a product or an idea. They use clear and concise language along with entertaining and complimentary visuals to help viewers understand how a company's product or service can help them.
The biggest difference is the final step of putting all the pieces together into an easy-to-access, video file format
Why EV??
Explainer Videos can help businesses generate increased interest, clarify the objective of their product / service, increase web traffic and conversion rates.
With a bit of practice and by focusing on writing easy-to-understand voice-over scripts, anyone can be not only an explainer, but a media pro.
What is great about explainer videos is no human is capable of delivering the perfect pitch so everyone can understand it consistently. It’s impossible.
Sometimes you’re tired and lacking energy, sometimes you’ve delivered it one hundred times in a row to no avail and it’s that one hundred and first delivery that needs to be perfect. Maybe you aren’t properly caffeinated? Maybe you are over caffeinated?
A startup or any company whether small, medium, or large should have at least one explainer video for their business.
The reason is that we are in the mobile age. Almost everyone has easy access to the internet. And what do people do online? They watch lots of videos.

It is a great tool to explain a new idea or product
Explainer videos increase the understanding level of people by 74%. 90% of users say that explainer video helps them in buying process.
Well one reason is because learning through audio/visual methods is more conducive to how the human brain is wired to retain information because you can naturally retain more information when more than one of your senses is engaged.

Another reason explainer videos are popular is they greatly increase conversions. According to Internet Retailer, 52% of consumers say that watching an explainer product video made them more confident in their online purchase decisions and 66% of consumers will watch the video two or more times.
The easiest way to think of an explainer video is this is your elevator pitch to simply define your product or service and what makes it great.
Why EV??
What is an explainer video? Simple: it’s a video that explains something to someone. For instance: imagine an explainer video on your website’s homepage that explains what you do to your audience.
Why are explainer videos growing in popularity?
Simple Definition
Why should businesses use an explainer video?
An effective explainer video is visually entertaining which captures their attention.
Online videos has been on the rise since YouTube has been born and it continues to rise until now. According to CISCO 69% of all consumer INTERNET TRAFFIC will be video by 2017.

The online video trenda
People have different ways to comprehend content. There are some people who prefer visual learning and some people auditory.
It targets both visual and auditory people

Just as much as anything else, an explainer video is a company’s brand. It can serve as a face and voice of the company.

It improves branding

As number of people having easy access to the internet grows everyday, explainer videos have become more necessary than ever.
To sum it all up
It can be used to explain, to sell, to educate, to tell a story or just anything you can imagine to use it for. So is an explainer video really necessary? The answer is a big YES!

98% of us have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service.
77% said that the video has convinced them to buy a product or service.

Key stats about the EV
Where both text and video are available on the same web page, 69% of users would prefer to watch video to learn about a product or service.

83% of businesses who have an explainer video on their home page believe that it’s been an effective tool.

Retention rate for visual information can reach 65% vs. 10% for text-based information
74% of all Internet traffic in 2017 will be video

Retailers cite 40% increases in purchases as a result of video
80% of marketers have plans to incorporate video into their email campaigns.

Marketers who use video in email cite increased clickthrough rates, increased time spent reading the email, increased sharing and forwarding, increased conversion rates, and increased dollars generated as the top benefits.
Using the word “Video” in email subject lines boosts open rates 18.5%, click rates by 64.8%, click to open rates by 39%, and reduces unsubscribes by 26%.
How much does an explainer video cost?
The number one question is how much does an explainer video cost?

For our purposes here, we’re talking about a 60-second animated explainer video, which is typically the most popular offering. As you’d probably expect, you can find a wide range of prices out there, anywhere from $1,500 to $15,000. However, if you’re working with a reputable producer, expect to spend between $5,000 and $10,000.
A lot of people are surprised, even shocked, when they first hear how much an explainer video can cost.
Here are The Four E’s of Explainer Videos
1. Enlighten
The term enlighten comes from the metaphor that ignorance is a state of being “in the dark,” and that knowledge is illuminating. We use enlighten as a verb meaning to “clear up, to remove confusion”. That’s exactly what a good explainer video can do.

2. Engage
To engage is to capture and hold one’s attention. It’s no secret that attention spans are growing shorter in today’s multi-media world and people have less patience for white papers, “eye charts” and text-heavy marketing materials.
Video in general better engages the senses and presents information in a format that most people can more easily digest and remember in a short amount of time.

3. Expound
When you expound, you provide details. Expound came into English from a 14th-century French word espondre meaning “to elaborate” or “put forth”.

Expounding is all about providing vital information, and explainers can be particularly powerful tool for this.

4. Entice
The word entices means to tempt someone by promising them something that they like.

Explainers often try to entice you with some sort of compelling call-to-action. “Call us for a free demo”, “download a free trail today,” “sign up now for free”…these are all typical calls-to-action utilized in explainer videos.

How Different Styles of Explainer Video Tell a Unique Story
You know you want to get started with video marketing, but you may have seen a lot of different types of marketing videos floating around. Maybe you’re not sure where to start. There’s live action, different types of animation, and screen casts, among other varieties.

Animation is the most versatile form of video. There’s really not a lot you can’t do with it. Animators can take you to the furthest points of the earth or even create new universes.


A motion graphic is like an animated info graphic. If you have information you think would work in an info graphic, but want it to be slightly more impressive, then motion graphic may be the way to go.

This type of video breathes life into otherwise “dry” formula with voice over laden with confidence – both in tone and clarity – and an energetic animated info graphic concept.
Motion Graphic

Whiteboard animation is a common video style for educational and informative topics. Similar to the motion graphic style, whiteboard animation is a great educational tool.


Live action is great when you want to connect with your audience on a personal level. For instance, you can show what’s going on behind the scenes at your company, or have a one-on-one conversation with the CEO.

Live Action

Screencast is a recording of the movements on your desktop, showing how specific features of a product work or the process of how to do something. Sometimes it’s most helpful to actually see a software platform in action, whether you’re looking to purchase it or just get a better understanding of its functionality and uses.


Put a lot of thought into the type of video you will use for your message. Depending on what you want to say, the purpose of the video, your brand identity, and your audience, you want to select carefully. Animation, live action, whiteboard, motion graphic, and screencast all have unique strengths that you can draw on when crafting your message

The Style of Your Video Matters

While it may be true to some things that more is indeed better that is not necessarily true for explainer videos. We may be tempted to put every word about our product that comes into mind but this might make your explainer video less effective.
How Long Should Your Explainer Video Be?

Knowing your purpose is the key. You should first determine what should you use your explainer video for?


Teaser trailer are usually short and its purpose is just to captivate the viewers’ attention. This is good if you have a product and want to generate Interest.

Teaser Trailer (1 minute)

- For a product video the optimum time would be 2 minutes. This is the length that is not too long but is able to capture all you want to say about the product to new comers.

Product Video (2 minutes)

For training videos or for educational purposes you will need to put everything into the video from point a to point z.

Training or Educational Video (3 minutes or above)

Another factor that determines the perfect length for the video is the scope. How complicated or simple the idea is would really have an effect on the expected video length.


The last factor I want to discuss today is the audience. To find the best length for the video you should also know your audience. Are they mostly teens? Or are they executives? Or are the on the age range of 30 – 40?


There has been a debate lately regarding which is better: Demo Video or Explainer Video? For those who are not familiar with the term, Demo Videos are those videos that are either the company’s CEO explaining what the product is about or customers sharing what they feel about the product in front of the camera.

In marketing they say “People buy from people” which means people are more connected to real people even if that person is on camera.

Which is Better a Demo Video or Explainer Video?
Remember, content is still the king here. What type of video to go for is just the execution, not the content itself. Content is still the most important aspect in marketing. So before we ask which type of video is better, what we should be asking is what is the content? What is the product? Who are the audience? What is the goal of the video? What is the goal of the marketing campaign? What is the budget?
There is one thing that explainer videos do better than any other type of video and that is explaining stuff. So the question is does the product needs explaining? Are people familiar with your product? If it’s something new or complex then explainer videos would be a good fit. That is the reason why startups would benefit from explainer videos.
Difference Between Explainer and Sales Videos
While it may seem like they’re the same thing, they actually serve completely different purposes. Explainer videos are primarily used on your home or landing pages to explain your product or service enough to get visitors interested to take action on the 1st step of your sales process (filling out a form, signing up for a free trial, etc.).

Difference Between Explainer and Sales Videos
Sales videos on the other hand are for converting your leads into customers and users. Getting them to actually pay. This type of video should only be shown once someone has already shown interest by taking an initial action already.
An explainer video will most likely be found on your home page and landing pages you use for marketing, while a sales video will go on your pricing, order, or sales page. One gets you leads, one gets you sales.
If you use an explainer video to try to sell someone, it won’t be enough to convince them. They’ll only get a quick overview of your product or service. It doesn’t go into detail, doesn’t answer objections, etc.
If you use a sales video to explain your product or service to someone on their initial visit to your site, you’ll bore them with way too much info. They haven’t shown interest yet. They just want to quickly know what you have and what’s in it for them.

What makes a good EV?
What makes explainer videos so great for marketing?

==Animation = Cheap production
While a studio production video costs $$$$, animated explainers can cost just a few (Powtoon even has a free option). Customers want just a short 60 seconds YouTube animated video explainer done in a few hours or days, not an expensive production video.

Since explainer videos often address the audience in person you can easily customize the explainer to explain in terms and context that your audience can relate to.

Sales customization is easy with an explainer video

Animated explainer videos are even better when you add motion graphics. Why? Because motion graphics in animated explainer videos are just eyeball magnets!

Motion Graphics attract eyeballs
Another thing: People hate reading when there is an alternative. When was the last time you actually enjoyed reading sales or marketing material? Would you rather read this blog post or would you rather watch a short personalized explainer?

Any great explainer starts with a great voice over. In-fact, it’s only about the voice over. The animations can be super simple and crude, but if they support a great narrative, your audience will become engaged and hopefully turn into customers.

Great narratives make compelling explainer videos

Explainer videos are a great way to engage potential customers and familiarize them with your business. The hard part is to get them right. Since an explainer video may be the first thing your visitors experience, it’s essential to nail it the first time. Here are 9 insider tips for creating a killer explainer video that clearly describes your business and drives more sales.

Creating A Killer EV

A well written script is the key to a successful explainer video. It’s the foundation upon which everything else is built. In most cases, it helps to have an “outsider” write the script. Choose someone who can take a fresh look at your company and explain it in a way that anyone can understand.
1. it’s All About the Script

According to writer and creative director, Helen Klein Ross, “the less you say, the more likely people are to remember.” We realize you have a lot you want to tell people about your business, but this video is meant to be an overview, the “hook” that gets people interested in taking the next step.

In order to keep it short, you need to keep it simple. Good explainer videos focus on 4 simple things:
The problem – Address the pain your customers are having (0:00-0:20)
The solution – Introduce your product or service as the answer (0:20-0:25)
How it works – Briefly describe how it works or how to get started (0:25-0:50)
A call to action – Tell people what to do next (0:50-0:60)

3. KISS (Keep it Simple Silly)

Whether you have a new product, app, or web service, the temptation is to try to show off as many features as possible – 100GB of storage, 60” HD screen, unlimited users, etc. The list goes on. However, it’s the benefits that really matter to customers.
4. Benefits, not Features

Nothing can ruin a video faster than poor audio. Or maybe the quality is fine, but the voice just doesn’t have the polish and delivery that a professional might provide. Either way, investing in professional talent is a must.
5. Use a Professional Voice

It’s important to develop a video that resonates with your audience. But we’ve found that regardless of who’s watching (CEOs, marketers, working moms, children), one thing is always true – people love to be entertained.

Like having a polished voiceover, professional looking visuals are important. However, they are not as important as you might think. I’ve seen plenty of effective, professional videos that use simple visuals. The key is using visuals that help illustrate the story and reinforce the voiceover.
6. Have Some Fun7. Visuals are Secondary

It’s amazing what a song can do. Like video, music can evoke all types of emotions, and it has the ability to set the tone and pace of your explainer.
8. Set the Tone with Music

A lot of people get so excited about creating a video that they forget to plan for the launch. A successful video launch consists of 3 things: Select a video host – There are plenty of options out there when it comes to video hosting, but we suggest looking at Wister, Video PRO, Brightcove, or Vidyard.
==Have a marketing plan
9. Plan for the Launch

It’s all about the script, not the video

The most important part of a video is the script and not the actual video quality. Whether you have a high quality video or a mediocre one, if the script isn’t good, it won’t convert well.

How to create an outstanding EV?
Before you start writing your script, you need to survey your readers. You need to ask your potential customers questions such as:

What else would you like to see on this page?
What’s the number 1 reason that is stopping you from buying?
What’s your biggest concern about this product or service?
Is there anything that is confusing on this page?
What can we help you solve?

Now that you have all of your potential customers’ objections, you can start writing your script. When you are writing it, you need to answer all of those objections, or at least the important ones.
Explain the problem – you have to carefully articulate the problem your potential customers are experiencing.
Create a transition – use common phrasing that your potential customers gave you during the survey to talk about specific problems they are experiencing. Then go into why you created your product or service.
==Show off your features – videos are visual for a reason. Show off your product or service.
Tell people to sign up or buy – after you explain what your product or service does, you have to tell people to sign up or buy it.
Use proof elements to seal the deal – after you answer any last objections, make sure you tell people to sign up or buy from you, while visually showing proof elements. Your script won’t be perfect at first, and it will take a few revisions before you get it just right. When you are writing it, keep in mind that 120-150 words roughly translate into a minute of video. Ideally, you want to keep your video to less than 2 minutes.

There are a number of different paths you can take when it comes down to the actual creation and production of your explainer video.

==Pow Toon
If you’re making animated explainer videos, have no animation experience, but want to do it yourself on a budget, Pow Toon is the way to go. Anyone with some basic computer skills can use this animated explainer video software.
Explainer Video Production

Chances are your animated explainer video or even your live action explainer video needs some sweet sound effects and music. Some places to score tracks include…

==MusOpen: Offering free music resources such as recordings, sheet music, etc.
Free Sound: A database of Creative Commons licensed audio samples and recordings.
YouTube: The king of video itself offers some free background music to use in video creations.
Audio Jungle: Royalty free audio files including loops, sound effects, and more.
Audacity: This free tool isn’t a source of audio files, but instead helps you create your own.

Music & Sound Effects

If you're not talking to your viewers in a way they can easily grasp, you're going to lose them. For example, we're going to speak very differently when selling to an enterprise executive than to the average consumer, right? Appealing to an executive's bottom line typically involves a lot more detail. If you're a new company that no one has ever heard of, though, you'll need to simplify your pitch to viewers.

Speak to the right audience.

Stories are in our DNA. It's through them that we learn as children, and they still appeal to us now -- no matter our age. This is the way we connect, relate, and entertain. So, it's no surprise that we also use these stories to influence purchasing decision-makers.
Tell an interesting story.

Whether or not you think it's obvious, some people still aren't going to know what to do after they've heard your story. You've got to tell them exactly how to get the most out of your product or service.
Craft a clear call-to-action.
What Arguments To Use in Marketing Your EV Services To Your Potential Customers?

==Who wants to Increase Conversion Rates?
According to a recent survey conducted by Video Rascal, 85 percent of people are more likely to buy a product once they see an accompanying explainer video.

Text can be tricky since there are so many ways people can interpret what they read. Explainer videos take the guess work out of explaining the usefulness and basic function of a product or service.
Who wants to Clarify the Objective of Product?

Statistically speaking, stale websites don’t do well. Websites that contain endless pages of block text and images rank low in Google search, which means less exposure.
Who wants to Rank Better in Google Search?

Going “viral” is a term that has been around since the dawn of YouTube. A viral video is one that seemingly pops-up out of nowhere and gets a large viewing in a short amount of time. Unfortunately, there is no set formula for “going viral”, but quite a few products have gained popularity through viral videos, including some of the brands we know and love today.

Who wants to Increase Web Traffic?

The average person retains only 10 percent of what they hear, but 50 percent of what they see according to a study conducted by Wharton Research Center. What does this mean for your business?
Who wants to Help Your Audience Retain Information?
Examples for excellent EVs
==Sonic Box

Why it is best?
This explainer video demonstrates that each company needs to have its own style, its own pacing to truly connect with the right audience. To resonate with the intended buyer, you must speak their language.
Coca Cola Content 2020

With a brand like Coca-Cola, you can expect a great deal of creative effort, even when they’re going in depth to explain their general ethos for developing, curating, and publishing content. Liquid ideas and Coca-Cola? Even the language the brand uses is aligned behind centralized themes that run throughout the video.
Litmus Email Previews

Litmus, by Planet Nutshell, explains how email super ninjas can see exactly how their marketing emails will look on all platforms and browsers BEFORE they hit send. And let's face it, who doesn't love a good ninja video?
Poor Explainer Videos


Here’s a cheap, low quality animation that will make your ears weep; those sound effects explode every other second, hardly fitting in with the video whilst being low quality sound.

After watching the video a few times, it still seems impossible to figure out what exactly this product does. The web video for business hardly used animation, it mostly kept moving text with a still background, kind of like a PowerPoint presentation, and that’s not what we’re looking for.
Realm Platform:

Now here’s a great animation that deserves more attention than it has already, with hardly 300 views in 9 months, that’s a failed animation right there. It’s sad to see great talent and creativity go unnoticed, but it does happen.

Take a look at a product that just didn’t work out. The idea of fantasy football only appeals to a very select audience, which makes it so much harder to target consumers already.

Last, but surely not the least; dear old RAMP has been online for almost two years with hardly 700 total views, no comments, no likes, and not even any dislikes. It has become an invisible video lost in the YouTube world. The animated promo is great, clear, and effective, but where is the audience at?
Future trends Explainer video

Ryan Noel, Media Specialist at BLASTmedia, called video “the great equalizer” for most marketing budgets. One benefit of video is that it’s a relatively low-cost option in contrast with other promotional strategies.
Viewing habits are changing. The common key performance indicators like growing sales and brand awareness could become less important than audience engagement.
How much am I engaging with the audience? How much are they engaging with us? That’s going to be the key factor.

With video, businesses have access to a cost-effective solution that delivers return on investment time after time. And within this ecosystem, the explainer video still plays a vital role in teaching customers and driving engagement.
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