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Lise Meitner

No description

Justin Koo

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of Lise Meitner

Of what time?
What did she do?
After her partnership with Otto Hahn in Berlin, they both went on to the Kaiser Wilhem Institute for Chemistry to begin their study of radioactivity. She soon began to rise in the ranks of leadership at the Institute and became the head of the Chemistry department. However, due to the Nazi regime that had begun to creep into Germany, she was forced to flee and slow her studies with Hahn to letters with suggestions for his laboratory
Despite her great discovery Lise was not given credit due to Hahn publishing the results of both their accomplishments under his name only. He claimed that he had done it to protect her from the Nazis at the time, but never gave her proper credit when given the chance in the future. In 1944 Otto Hahn would win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry thanks, in large part, to Meitner's contribution. Historians would look back and say that she was robbed of her Nobel. Lise Meitner would be nominated for the Nobel Prize numerous time but her greatest chance at claiming one would be lost to Hahn.
What should you take away?
Websites used and all that jazz.
Lise Meitner
-Lise Meitner was a female Austrian physicist and chemist. Her research became the stepping stone for numerous scientists in the future to make new discoveries in studies such as atomic science.
In a galaxy far far away
In a galaxy not so far away
-Meitner was born in November of 1878. Despite the prejudice against women and gender inequalities in education, Meitner's supportive parents aided her in attaining high level academic studies through primary school and University.
She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Vienna in 1905.
-Despite, having graduated advanced education, prejudice towards women was still strong. So, she struggled in finding a steady work placement, until she met German chemist Otto Hahn and thus began the dynamic duo of 1907.

Then in 1939 Hahn published the results of tests on the process of nuclear fission. Meitner had discovered that when shooting neutrons into the nucleus of an atom it disturbed the balance and split the atom into two creating large amounts of energy that were far larger than the mass of the nucleus itself.
The results of nuclear fission would be the basis that scientists of the Manhattan Project would follow in the creation of the atomic bomb.
-Meitner would not directly take part in the process-
Let's watch this since it's a more fun summary than me talking
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