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Shapeways 2011

Shapeways 2011 in Review

duann scott

on 10 January 2012

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Transcript of Shapeways 2011

Shapeways opens an office in NYC with plenty of room to grow, the White House commissions a report on 3D printing, and Oskar van Deventer blows minds with his 17x17x17 twisty puzzle. ebruary 2011 in Review The Economist & Business Insider explore the future of 3D printing while Shapeways fires up its own machines in its Eindhoven office.
3D printed stainless steel Thorn Dice get much love from the internets.
arch ` pril saw Theo Jansen's Strandbeest creep its way out of Shapeways 3D printers and into the world's imagination. Shapeways introduced Frosted Ultra Detail, and the Image Popper made it possible for anyone to convert a black & white image into their own personalized object. In ay was another month of new materials at Shapeways with the introduction of Polished Plastics and Ceramics, along with events around the USA. June The N12 Bikini, the first "ready to wear" article of clothing makes it way out of Shapeways 3D printers and onto the world stage.

The rest of June is a blur. Shapeways began shipping from the USA and sponsored the Cut&Paste World 3D Champion. uly Shapeways turned 3, spread the love at SIGGRAPH, and a 3D printed DIY stroller repair saved a family money, inspiring thousands of dads worldwide. ugust is for September, Skulls and Software as ShipWright, ShapeMe, Tinkercad, Endless Forms & 123D make it easier to generate 3D models to 3D print via the Shapeways API. Meanwhile, Joshua Harker's Kickstarter project has 1,000 stunning 3D printed skulls heading around the world. Featured:
Mass Production for the Masses: Shapeways CEO Peter Weijmarshausen on the Rise of Personal Manufacturing.
October at TENT London we helped launch the Fable Mantle Clock by Gilbert13.
at Dutch Design Week, we united Dutch artist Catharina van de Ven and 3D Ninja, DotSan who worked together remotely with Shapeways to create the Hybride Male sculpture.
Shapeways announced our NYC production facility to open in 2012 and made it possible to create your own cup, vase, sake set, or anything with a drag of a mouse and click to 3d print. Shapeways brings the magic to New York Tech Meetup, Minecraft avatars bring their cubic coolness to Shapeways and the NY office has grown by a factor of seven as we prepare to make 2012 a HUGE year.... shines with the launch of 3D printed SILVER.
Shapeways supports higher resolution uploads and gets Wired...
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