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Narrative Family Therapy

No description

Katie Nolin

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Narrative Family Therapy

Team B: Andrea, Cody, Juli & Katie Narrative Family Therapy Theoretical Founders Theoretical Overview Identities shaped by stories
Therapist collaborates
Distance problems from client
Speak, edit, rewrite (repeat) Concepts & Terms Poststructural
Thin Descriptions
Thick Descriptions
Dominant Narratives
Externalizing Conversation
Unique Outcomes
Definitional Ceremonies
Therapeutic Letters Interventions Stories we develop to shape our lives (Parent’s divorce=No marriage-Mother’s alcoholism=No Drinking) October 10, 2012 Role of the Therapist Strengths Research References Background Weaknesses Flexibility
Straight Forward
Concrete interventions
to aide progress Difficulty assessing effectiveness
Difficulty conceptualizing life story
Beliefs have been long engrained and reinforced
Too Simplistic Narrative therapy for adults with major depressive disorder

8 sessions of narrative therapy

47 adults with Major Depressive Disorder

Method - develop therapeutic relationship, elicit problem stories, deconstruction, embrace preferred stories, and live enriched stories

"To our knowledge, this was the first rigorous empirical investigation of narrative therapy outcome"

Depressive symptoms and interpersonal relatedness improved

Gains comparable to CBT, PI, IT, PE outcomes

Depressive symptom gains (not interpersonal relatedness) maintained at 3 month check up Construct new more fulfilling narratives Goals of Treatment o Deconstructing history of the problem and reconstruct an alternate Deconstruct oppressive self-narratives
reestablish individual freedom from oppressive culture
Deconstruct Problem saturated descriptions o Liberate client from forces of societal repression Challenge-Narrative Metaphor Challenge-Cultural Metaphor Objective truths maintained by society’s power structure
Racism, sexism, gender, class bias
(What it takes to be a real man, Coming from the streets you will never have value) Interventions Therapeutic Letters Aimed at reauthoring lives
Summary letters, letters of invitation, redundancy letters, discharge letters, letters of prediction. Unique Assessment Methods Goldenberg, I., Goldenberg, H. (2000). Family Therapy An Overview. Los Angeles, CA: Broks Cole Publishers.
Narrative Therapy. (2012). Retrieved from
Narrative Therapy (2012). Retrieved from
Vromans, L.P., & Schweitzer, R.D. (2009, December). Narrative therapy for adults with major depressive disorder: Improved symptom and interpersonal outcomes. Psychotherapy Research, 21(1), 4-15. Narrative therapists do not use standardized assessments
Assessment not just at the beginning, but continuous
Assessment=identify discourse Questions? Michael White Cheryl White David Epston "The person is not the problem, the problem is the problem"
- Narrative Motto Collaborator
Identify maladaptive behaviors
Help client separate self from problem
Being Decentered Therapeutic Questioning - What and How

Problem is problem not family
Personify problem
Mr. Mischief/ Mrs. Sadness

Search for Unique Outcomes
Events that contradict the dominant problem-saturated story
Problem did not defeat them (A time when you did not give in to Mr. Sadness)
Identify subjugated stories involving success Definitional Ceremony
Tell or perform story to audience
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