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Little Bits

No description

Madison Sharman

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Little Bits

Little Bits Special Event Little Bits is a Therapeutic riding organization for children
(and now adult) riders who have disabilities. Horse Fashion Show and Art Auction how it works
22 up and coming visual artists in the community will be given a white horse statue to decorate These little horses will then be the outlines for the 22 horses that little bits has Artists only have 50 dollars each to come up with a costume for each horse On the last Saturday night in May, guests will be invited to attend a fashion show at the whitemud location A horse fashion show will start at 7 with a DJ Each guest will be given a ballot to cast for best costume At 8, the miniature versions of the horses will be brought out and placed next to their real life counterparts. The nex hour and a half will be spent socializing and bidding on the art pieces. The winning bidders will have a picture taken with the real horse version, with a picture printed and sent to them. Little Bits is part of the Calgary Stampede Foundation Send invitations to all members of that foundation. Also send invitations to supporters of Captial Ex. Invitations to go out to previous supporters of the program This organization has a strong following and should be easy to get the breakeven number of people to come Most of the people in attendance will be over 50 that have salaries of more than $70 000 a year Most of these people would be willing to travel from Calgary or other areas Each ticket will be $75 and the breakeven will be 136 people The minimum bid on the art pieces is $200 22 volunteers will be needed to help each artist with the horses who have worked with the horses previously. Outer field will have to be cleaned and tables and chairs brought out Spotlights to be set up DJ set up Caterers Clean up crew Photographer Decorators About 35 volunteers needed Budget Expenses are $4788 Net Income $21050 Total $ 16262 Includes expenses like: Horse sculptures
Live horse decorations
Rental of spot lights for show
Chair rental
Photos printed, shipped
Volunteer lunch
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