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Pablo Picasso

A prezi about Pablo Picasso...duh!

Wendle Turkott

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Pablo Picasso

Double click anywhere & add an idea O Pablo Picasso K Will ThisWork? Pablo Picasso was born in 1881 and was seen as an artistic prodigy at a very young age. "Every child is an artist.
The Problem is how to remain and artist
once we grow up." The Blue Period This may just have been Pablo's most famous art period. The name speaks for itself. He used a lot of blue in these paintings. They were very sad looking. You know you're a good artist
when you're first word is "piz,"
Or basically, pencil. Pablo was in a very tough time when
he lived in paris in 1900. He had to
burn his paintings just to keep warm.
Such depressing times may have been the biggest influence to his first major art period, The Blue Period.
He had two children with
Francoise Gilet, a young art
student. He christened them
CLAUDE AND PALOMA!!! Unfortunatly, though, Francoise
left him later on because of his infidelities. He was pretty depressed by this, but would later meet Jacqueline Roque. They were together until his death. Pablo died on April 8, 1973.
He was a whopping 92 years old.
His last words were: "Drink to me, drink to my health, you know I can't drink anymore." The Rose Period Moving to happier times,
Pablo began the Rose Period.
He used brighter, more cheerful colors in these paintings. By Julio Bowers NOW! Let's examine his art. This is Pablo Picasso's crowning
achievement. Yo. Nobody is completely
sure of what it is exactly. It stands in
a Chicago street. The Chicago Picasso The Cubism Period Pablo began to introduce
collage elements in his work
during this period. I think Pablo Picasso's work is
intriguing. It's pretty trippy and
hypnotizing to look at. Impressive. The End. Bye. you have found the secret message.
the password is:bacon.
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