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Understanding by Design

An overview of writing curriculum using UbD.

Loretta Radulic

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Understanding by Design

Writing Curriculum using UbD Students will be able to
gain perspecitve
demonstrate empathy
attain self knowledge Know where the finish
is. UbD: Proposes an approach to curriculum designed to engage students in inquiry and "uncovering" ideas. AP Math Problem Turning content standards
outcome statements
into question form. Why are design standards important? Curriculum Writing
event. The Thought Process: I want my students to understand the Civil War. I want my students to understand the causes of the Civil War. "Ah-ha. I want students to understand that there were several significant and interrelated causes of the Civil War - the morality of slavery, fundamentally different views about the role of the federal government, dissimilarities of regional economies, and the clash of cultures." [understandings that specifically summarize the insights of the experts]
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