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Jaime Pyles

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Preparing for the
Baby's Arrival Preparing for Parenthood
New parents must discuss their hopes, fears, worries, and other aspects of starting a family.
Must consider what the baby's physical, emotional, and intellectual needs will be and how will you meet them.
Things to consider:
parenting tasks
changing responsibilities If there are other children in the family:
Many children are happy to have a sibling
They look forward to helping care for the baby
Often children have a hard time accepting a new baby into the family
Jealously can be very normal
They must share:
parent's attention
space Items needed for baby:
mattress cover
storage space
Bath supplies
Travel equipment
car seat
Diapers & Wipes
Feeding equipment -
breast feeding equipment
high chair The Baby's Crib - Characteristics:
Slats - a flat narrow strip of wood on the side of the crib
Paint - should not contain lead
Structure - corner posts should all be the same height
Sides - when lowered 9" above the mattress - when raised 26" above the mattress
Latch - to raise and lower the sides
Mattress - should be firm and fit the crib exactly
Age - carefully check for safety
soft bedding not recommended
no stuffed toys in the crib
basic bumper pads Feeding the Baby
Breast feeding
Bottle feeding Breast Feeding
best source of nutrients
gives baby more immunity
creates a bond between mom and baby
boosts brain development
fewer digestion problems
aids mother's uterus in returning to normal state
reduces depression for mom
baby needs fed more often
can be painful to mother
difficult due to work schedule Bottle Feeding
give mom a more flexible schedule
baby gets essential nutrients
need to feed baby less often
available in shelf-stable forms
baby doesn't get natural immunities
greater chance baby will develop allergies Choosing a Pediatrician:
*Pediatrician - a doctor who specializes in treating children
Parents should choose a pediatrician before the baby is born.
Things to consider:
where is the office located?
what are the office hours?
what are the fees for the visits?
do they accept my insurance?
do you like the staff at the office? Budgeting for Baby
Fixed Expense
a payment that generally cannot be changed
car payment, house payment, taxes
Flexible Expense
an expense that can be changed
food costs, clothes, entertainment Health Care Expenses
Health care costs for pregnancy and baby can become expensive.
Includes doctors fees and the costs in the hospital.
Most insurance plans will cover the majority of these costs. Child Care Options
Family Medical Leave Act
states that employers with more than 50 workers must offer 12 weeks of unpaid medical leave time to new mothers
Maternity leave
time taken off work by a mother after birth
Paternity leave
time taken off work by a father after birth Other Information
Make a budget or a plan to help you prepare for the costs associated with pregnancy and babies
If the mother works outside the home, consider whether her income will be disrupted when the baby arrives while she is off work.
Use coupons and shop sales to make your money stretch farther during this time.
Borrow baby equipment if possible.
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