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By: Rachel Stewart Geography- 5th Menu

Rachel Stewart

on 3 March 2011

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Transcript of Italy!

Italy! By: Rachel Stewart Italy's Capital is: Rome What are the major languages that are spoken in Italy? Hmmm..great question. the major lanuages that are spoken in Italy are:
1. Italian
2. Neapolitian
3. Piemontese
4. Venetian
5. Ligurian Italy's Falg looks like this: Pretty beautiful, right?

okay. moving on.. Italy is located on the continent: Italy's Climate is very nice. Italy's climate: Mediterranean Would you like to know 5 places to visit in your country? Milan, Italy
Fashion Capital of the world. Venice, Italy The city of Romance and Water Verona, Italy The house of Juliet from the Shakespeare play: Romeo and Juliet Florence, Italy The city of Art Rome, Italy The Heart of Italy Thank you so much for watching!
I hope you enjoyed this!
I worked really hard on this..FYI.
ok well thank you again!! do you want some rolling credits? Too bad that it isn't possible on Prezi. just kidding. im just too dumb to add them.... europe
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