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Section Leader training

No description

Ben Holmes

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Section Leader training


-What's the objective
-Lines of Operation
-The Process
-Problem solving
-General discussion
-Guided Discussions
-Scenario based training
Section Leader Training:
Guided Discussions

Wounded Warrior BN-West
Camp Pendleton, CA

First Sergeant Holmes
First Sergeant Frakes
Section leader Training
Guided Discussions

Define the objective
Make you a more effective
section leader IOT....... do what?
Mental Health
Open Scenarios
Problem framing & solutions
As a section leader, you will face unique challenges every day. Each one of your Marines will be at a different stage in the process. Each will have a separate goal and each of them came to you because they face, and present a unique set of problems.
Your ability to isolate, identify and deal with problems will ultimately determine your level of success and more importantly the success of your Marines.
Fire Support Agencies
Although you're the man/woman, Johnny on the spot, where the rubber meets the road, the relationship behind the process, the BN's focus of effort, and your commanders center of gravity and key vulnerability, at the same time. You're not alone!
Whole Marine Concept
1) The Process
2) Use the LOO's to guide
3) Be familiar with resources
4) Solve the problems
5) Develop the relationship
6) Transition the Devil Dog
The Endstate
Successfully transition Marines:
Baseline Knowledge and
What is a WW
"Section Leader"?
Isolate and frame the problem
Remove the "freak out" and speculation. Assess what you
know to be true and then narrow
down: What really is, "the problem"
Desired outcome/
Available resources
What is the outcome you want to achieve? What will the resolved situation look like?
Once you determine that, remember that
you're not alone. Who or what is there to help you?
Implement the solution
Prevent recurrence
The solution is how you get to the desired outcome. Knowing what you want, and who can help will lead you to a series of "action steps"
These steps are your SOLUTION.

Internal to the BN
Chain on Command
Other WII Marines
Civilian Staff
Recovery Care Coordinates
Fellow Section Leaders
Staff Duty
Direct Support
Jack Lyon
At-Risk program
Sgt Merlin German call center
General Support
(we have POF)
Semper Fi Fund
Warrior Foundation
Previous Chain of command
Family members
De-stress hotline
Scenario 1
Scenario 2
Scenario 3
Scenario 4
Scenario team 1
Scenario team 2
Team 2 present
1stSgt Holmes
Closing thoughts & Comments
1stSgt Frakes
Closing thoughts & comments
Back to the Operating forces
On to civilian education/vocational
On to civilian employment
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Devil Dog !
What were you thinking?
Devil Dog,
Just call me
Who is your commander?
Where do we find his/her intent?
How do you interpret it?
-Mission statement-WWR homepage
-Regimental orders & policy letters
-Battalion orders & policy letters
-Detachment orders & policy letters
-Campaign plans
-Share point
-Billet Description
-Chain of command/communication
Marine Corps orders, policies,
rules and regulations, traditions,
customs and courtesies and
the Uniform Code of Military Justice.
What have we learned so far?
..........you have until this is over to write down
what you've learned over the past week and
then BPT share with the rest of us not only
what has been covered, but what it means
to you.
Your Scenario
Your Scenario
Scenario Review
Who's on the hotseat ?
What have you learned
over the past few days?
These are the GD rules!
-Ground Rules:
1) If you gotta go...go
2) Rotate partners for each Scenario (dets)
3) U.S. Flag means discussion point
4) Only one speaker at a time
5) Respect the efforts/opinions of others
5) Stand up to speak, raising hands
is for kids.
6) "WHAT IF's"
1) I read the scenario
2) Discuss resources
3) Teams draft two COA's (5 min)
4) Each team presents COA's
5) Group discussion on each
6) Next team presents...ect
7) Group develops scenario
8) 1stSgts draft/present COA's
9) Group discussion
This is the GD format
(IOT) -Purpose
-End state
-Concept of Ops (Cmdrs intent)
-Tasks (COA's)
-Coord. instructions (COA's)
Admin & Logistics
-Available resources,
-paperwork required.
Command & Signal
-What do I know/who needs to
know/what do I need to find out/
how do I follow up.
Marines with Col Buhls' phone number
What the book says:
"Section Leaders have a personal relationship with each WII Marine that they support...As the WII Marines' situation stabilizes...Section Leaders coordinate medical and non-medical requirements so that Marines are productively working toward a successful transition."
Leadership challenges unique to WWBN
You ARE the Marine Corps to their Families
You're at the center of the process
Accomplish the mission:

"WWBN-W provides recovery support to Wounded, Ill & Injured Marines and Sailors & their family members in order to successfully return them to full duty or transition to civilian life"

To achieve what?............
"Section Leader core responsibilities, include:

-Provide accountability and tracking of WII Marines'
progress through the lines of operation.

-Serve as a Mentor and advocate for WII Marines.

-Add structure and discipline to help WII Marines
heal physically, mentally, and emotionally. "
Less of this:
And more of this:
"Its a relationship,
Not a process."
If only it were that easy...
I'm a combat hardened LCpl with two deployments and one leg, you're a reservist Sgt with three NAM's and two toys for tots deployments...Why the hell should I listen to you?
But the Commandant said "keep the faith
with our injured Marines"...so what if I don't
wear a uniform, I'm still going on that trip.
Sir, of course I'm sleeping in through
field day, I'm on meds and the doctor
Why can't I go to the SuperBowl too?
I work 12 hour days, stand two duties
a month, I'm on call 24/7 and that guy
can't even show once a day and it takes
an act of Congress to get him in cammies.
70/80 and he's submitting
for a reconsideration...?
Why am I stressed out,
it's her CIF gear.
If he doesn't care, then why should I?
Caregiver burn out,
Why should I give a
Because this is who they are.....
Except for...MAYBE, this guy:
But even
more so
than this
"Hold on a minute...
...what about me?"
Sorry Sir,

but even more so than you,
Section leaders represent
to them:
Consider the position you're in.
There are very few places in the
Marine Corps where you actions
attitude, either positively or negatively
can directly impact the lives of families
and influence public opinion.
They gave us their most precious asset and
we, broke it. They're going to look to you,
the section leader, to fix it, and give it back.
Obviously the Marine is at the center,
but consider the role you play,
RCC's are amazing and are pretty much on call,
but it is you who will take problems up the
chain of command.
Medical case manages certainly advocate
for the Marines and can influence the
chain of command. Scheduling and
communicating with doctors absolutely
relieves a burden from your shoulders.
PCM's obviously provide medical services that
you couldn't begin to replicate, but I'm pretty
sure they don't get 0300 phone calls.
Chain of command:
Provide support, top cover &
guidance, but do they really
KNOW your Marines?

Even for Platoon Sergeants,
it quickly becomes a process
instead of a relationship.
You're the one in the center of it all,

with the Marine,
establishing the relationship,
being the advocate,
being a mentor,
interacting with family,
helping with children,
where the rubber meets the road,
our focus of effort,
the most vital cog in the machinery.

In the Marine Corps we all work
toward the same mission.

A WW Section Leader strives alone,
with 5-12 different missions simultaneously.
-It's not easy
-The hours are long
-You're under appreciated
-It can be emotionally draining
-You're doing the dirty work
-Others are getting the credit
-The pay sucks
-It's never good enough
-Someone's always on your ass

If, at the end of the day.
When your head hits the pillow,
you know that your Marines are
good, and you've given 100%,
damn it, you did the best
that you could...

...then that's
enough !
What is a Section Leader?

Define your in one sentence,

list your roles and responsibilities
Facilitate the WII service member in reaching maximum recovery or rehab.
-Coordinate medical resources
-Foster positive relationships with hospital staff.
-Aggressively advocate for WII Marines.
Comprehensive car & ed program IOT ensure that RSM/spouse transitions with necessary academic or vocational skills
-Professional assessment to identify specific aptitudes
-Career counseling services
-Detailed car & ed transition plan
-Necessary PME
Improve WII physical abilities IOT allow them
to sustain a healthy lifestyle despite chronic
medical conditions.
Provide WWI & families with holistic events
& opportunities IOT strengthen a sense of
belonging, purpose, pride and self-worth
Lines of
Translation Please,
how do you, the section
support this LOO ?
-Individual strength & conditioning programs IOT
comply with USMC fitness & appearance standards.
-Develop physical activity interests that can be retained
for life beyond the Marine Corps
- WII Marines commit to a WAR-P sport

-Admin requirements met
-reinforce the fact that
they are still Marines
-Increase WII Marines responsibilities
-Use competition to develop a sense of
camaraderie and self-worth
-Mandate community service and volunteer
Develop, advance and
maintain the family unit to
promote fuller and faster
recovery through family
-Integrate families into units and
operations to allow them to be a
part of the solution.
-Families encouraged to attend
unit & detachment events
-Local support resources and
organizations will be made
available to families
As a group, you have 10 minutes
to come up with your own scenario
based around a non-compliant
When you're done, we will try to
come up with a COA.
As a group, you have 10 minutes
to come up with your own scenario
based around a non-compliant
When you're done, we will try to
come up with a COA.
In-patient/referred BN

-Initial meeting
-CIF gear
-pro/cons or Fitrep
-Supported/TAD/TR by SR
Referral process:
1) Submit the referral package
& NMA to WWBN-West
2) Referral boards go every
3) Referral criteria available on-line
Period of Limited Duty

-WARP sport
-Initiation of LOO's
Medical board initiated/referred

-Career fairs
-VA appointments
-PME school
-Transition plan
IDES package mailed

-60 day warning
-Continue LOO compliance
-Increased responsibility
-Transition plan narrowed
-Monitor contacted
Findings received

-PLD/EPLD submission
-Start check out
-Contact DISC
Return to duty/Transition

-To late now !
-Follow up call
The process, phases
milestones & questions
1) Split into two teams
2) 15 minutes to develop
any plausible scenario
3) Present your scenario
4) 15 minutes to COA the
other teams scenario
5) A winner will be declared
Be a.......
not a...
15 minutes,create your scenario's
Team 2, present your COA
Team one, present your COA
Based on the scenarios,
collectively come up with:

2 suggestions for the Battalion Commander
2 questions for the Battalion Commander
Two Questions

Two suggestions
Questions, comments?
Questions, comments?
Who did I miss?
Final thoughts
& Comments

Flags mean discussion,
Any Questions on topic or orientation?
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