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Why Do Readers Choose/Abandon Books?

From Guiding Readers and Writers, Fountas & Pinnell

Kristen Fournier

on 28 August 2018

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Transcript of Why Do Readers Choose/Abandon Books?

Ways We Choose Books
cool front cover
dust jacket sounds interesting
back cover information
characters from another book I like
next book in a series
interesting title
great illustrations
love the author
recommended by...
teacher, librarian, friend, Bluebonnet book, Eagle book review
it's a movie!
new or popular
heard it read aloud before
one of your favorite books ever
Why Readers Abandon Books
don't like the characters
too easy
too sad
too hard
too scary
too confusing
too similar to another book
found another book
don't like the genre right now
can't follow the plot
disappointing sequel
text is hard to read...

weird font!
not what the author usually writes...
try again later!
How Readers Choose Books
what's happening? who are these people? huh?
Remember: You should finish almost every book you start - 9 out of 10.

Abandoning too many books?
Here's why:
1. Not choosing "just right books."
2. Quitting too soon. Give it a chance!
Fact: Mrs. Vetter has to shelve over 100 abandoned books a day! Help us save time!
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