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Wilton Ng

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Leaders

Famous Leaders Analysis Warren
Buffet Pol Pot Successful Unsuccessful Life Strength Reassuring deep voice and calm gestures Weakness Change Leadership Style Summary Gap between the very wealthy and the very poor Led his party to power in 1975 In 1980, stepped down as the leader
Was sentenced to life under house arrest
He died on April 15, 1998 Charismatic Anyone related to previous government Paranoid 1 to 3 million Power Coercive power Ex. Have people dig their own graves and bury them alive to save bullets Autocratic Transformational Leader Buddhist monastery & Roman Catholic school
Scholarship to study in Paris "Brother Number One" Killed 25% of his people Anti-corruption
Socio & Economic equality
Higher standards of living
Stood up for the Cambodian peasants Genocide Referent power Personal Positional No civil rights Drastically changed Cambodia’s standards of living Drop in literacy rates Punished intellectuals religion Forced labour and starvation & malnutrition 25% 8 million Khmer Rouge Agrarian Socialism Farm or Labour Projects Inspired by Mao’s cultural revolution Vietnam invaded Cambodia Saloth Sar French rule Corrupt government Interested in Politics and Marxism (Communism) A teacher of French and geography Inspired them to rise up and fight against the current government Instilled confidence in followers Attracted Cambodian peasants to fight for his communist ideas "Could explain things in such a way that you came to love justice and honesty and hate corruption" Executions Defeat of the Khmer Rouge Possible Vietnam invasion Son Sen and his family were executed because of rumors Lifetime under house arrest Provided Vietnam with an excuse to invade Cambodia Ordered raids and massacres in Vietnamese territory Only one way to live Closed schools & universities No freedom of choice languages Motivation Extrinsic Reward Food, Water, Shelter Was not sentenced to death or torture Burned books Killed librarians, teachers, people wearing glasses The peasants of Cambodia admired and agreed with him and his ideas of equality & anti-corruption People either followed his orders or they were sentenced to torture or death Zero concern for people Tasks over people Follow his command & Zero input in decisions Authority and information was tightly controlled Strict orders were giving with little leeway “Telling” Charismatic Inspire the majority of Cambodia to support the Khmer Rouge Vision Idea of the perfect country of equality Symbolism Against any form of corruption 1 2 3 Inspired them to serve and sacrifice their lives Communicated his vision to all of his followers Symbolized a true leader Fought for equality Well educated & respected Lower Order Needs Security Needs Physiological Needs "Dictator" Referent power to gain support Coercive power to have orders followed Autocratic & "Telling" Transformational Extrinsic Rewards to Lower Order Needs Genocide (1942 - 2011) Animosity toward Italians expelled from school due to his political activism inspired by Abdel Nasser Studied law at University of Libya Muammar
al-Gaddafi Weakness Early Life Emotionally Involved Change (Year Zero) Insights Trust is important Paranoid Use Referent & Expert Power Coercive Focus on People and Task Task Good Bad Able to concentrate entire population into manual labour Wilton, Jason, Matthew, Eric Leadership Style Autocratic 1. Authority & Information 2. Threats & Punishments 3. Bill Gates Life Influenced heavily by his parents Upper middle class family Early interest in computer science Tasks over People Emotions influencing decisions deports & expels Italians public assassinations of the "opposition" supporting international terrorist organizations Strength Visionary Lack of cooperation with western countries Impact on the world Weakness Arrogant Referred himself as... "the brother leader" "TO TURN CARING INTO ACTION, WE NEED TO SEE A PROBLEM, FIND A SOLUTION, AND DELIVER IMPACT."
BILL GATES "the king of kings of Africa" "the leader of the revolution" Libya's Political & Government System HOW? Disestablished monarchy within Libya Leadership Style Publishes the "Green Book" Insights Autocratic Demands excellence from all employees Childhood influences High level of success Power Legitimate power Referent power Positional Bill Gates is admired by his employees Serves as the head of both Microsoft and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation Personal Gaddafi, including his family members tightly controlled authority & information Refusing to conform to Gaddafi's ideologies led to... public executions & imprisonments Power Positional Coercive: Personal Referent: Transformational Leader Gained support through his aspirations for improving Libya's state Independence (1925-1998) Intimidation, threats, public executions Pro-western democrats
Hizb-ut Tahrir supporters
Tobruk rebellion Do's Don'ts vs. Emotions interfere with decision-making Insight "Never stop asking questions" Public viewed him as... eccentric, pompous, & egotistic Gaddafi's tent located in New York Attire was perceived as unconventional Gaddafi's personal female security guards Transformational Leader Charismatic, motivational, expert knowledge, visionary = Admired by employees, colleagues and the world Unable to identify the negative influence his actions had Motivation Intrinsic Accomplishment, growth, personal development Unethical behaviour Resulting in terrorism & the deaths of innocent people Aftermath 1930 - Present Life Aptitude for business
and money "Patience is a virtue" Age 11: First investment Harvard Business
School Involvement in terrorist activities Strength Patience Opposition to democracy, capitalism, & free media Cities Service Preferred -Baader-Meinhof gang -The Red Brigades - ETA & Farc Twenty-year
perspective Pan Am Flight 103 - Lockerbie Bombing - 21/12/1988 Contribution to war efforts Coca-Cola Aiding rebels in the Chadian civil war -weapons, air support, & ground units Military disaster for Libya -7,500 soldiers killed & $1.5 billion Arab Spring
Libyan Revolution & Maghreb Pact Democratic Closer relationships
& networking between African countries -Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, & Libya Beneficial Changes Improved Standard of Living Interaction & Collaboration Team Decision Making Communication, Mutual Trust,
& Interpersonal Respect Relationships Transformational Investing into building better infrastructure Free education & medical treatment Visionary Supporting farmers to improve agriculture Berkshire Hathaway Geico No input Empowering “loves to praise and give credit to his managers while being humble about his own performance” Decisions & regulations were determined solely by Gaddafi Motivation Intrinsic Personal Development Decisions made were not necessarily in the best interest of Libya Theory Y Visionary Ambitious and Self Motivated Maslow's Hierarchy Higher order needs Unity between African countries Power Position Personal Reward Power Referent Power The Third Universal Theory (Gaddafiism) Insights Motivation Extrinsic Reward Food, Water, Shelter Lower Order Needs Security Needs Physiological Needs Patience is a Virtue Motivation through Forgiveness
and Trust Was not tortured, imprisoned, or executed Current Situation Arrogant & oblivious to your own mistakes Change Investments Emotions interfering with decision-making Arrogant & oblivious to your mistakes Use intimidation, threats, and punishments to an extent Maintain healthy relationships with subordinates & opposition Attention to detail, demand excellence
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