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Chapter 2 Presentation

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Geraldine Eleazar

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Chapter 2 Presentation

By Geraldine, Kiera, and Cassy Sections 2.3-2.4 y = x - 2 Key Points:
Given slope m and y-intercept b: Use slope intercept form y=mx+b
Given slope m and a point (x1, y1): Use point slope form y-y1=m(x-x1)
Given points (x1, y1) and (x2, y2): Use slope formula to find m, then use point-slope with either given points 2.4 Write Equations of Lines 6) m=2/3, b=4
y=2/3x+4 Examples 8) m= -5, b= -1
y=-5x-1 22) (2, 8); parallel to y=3x-2
(x1, y1)=(2,8) m=3
y=3x+2 26) What is an equation of the line that passes through (1,4) and is perpendicular to the line y=2x-3?
a. y-2x+2
b. y=1/2x+7/2
c. y=-1/2x+9/2
d. y=-1/2+4 (x1, y1)=(1,4) m2=-1/m1=-1/2
Answer is c 2.3 Graph Equations of Lines f(x) = x 0 is the y intercept the slope is 1 slope = 1 y intercept = - 2 Slope Intercept Form Write in slope intercept form y = 5x - 4 Identify the y intercept b and use it to plot the point (0,b) y = mx + b Graph: Identify slope m and use it to plot a second point on the line Draw a line through the two points slope = 5 y intercept = -4 f(x) = 5/3x + 4 Graph: slope = 5/3 y intercept = 4 Standard Form: Write the equation in standard form
Identify the x intercept and by letting y = 0 and solving for x.
Use the x intercept to plot the point where the line crosses the y-axis
Identify the y- intercept by letting x = 0 and solving for y.
Use the y-intercept to plot the point where the line crosses the y-axis
Draw a line through the two points.
where A and B are not both zero Horizontal Lines y = c (0,c) Vertical Lines x = c (c,0) 4x-5y =20 x-intercept:
4x-5(0) = 20
x=5 y-intercept:
y=-4 2.5x-5y=20
x intercept:
y intercept:
y=-4 Horizontal and Vertical Lines ex: y = -4 ex: x = 1 Parent Function for Linear Function ex: 2.5x-5y=20 Ax + By = C y-intercept = 2 y-intercept = -4 y-intercept = 4 y-intercept = -4 x-intercept = 5 y-intercept = -4 x-intercept = 8 y-intercept = -4 x-intercept = 1 slope = 5/3 What is the advantage of graphing a line using slope-intercept form? CHALLENGE QUESTION!! Slope intercept form allows you to see the slope and the y-intercept right away which makes graphing easier.
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