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"The All-American Slurp"

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Kayla Pierson<3

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of "The All-American Slurp"

"The All-American Slurp"
by: Lensey Namioka

Dynamic character: the narrator because she learned american etiquette and English and just wants to be like an american.
1)"Almost all the girls wear jeans while riding a bike"- foreshadowed her mom was going to get her jeans
Background Information
A girl and her family immigrate from China to America. They get invited to their neighbor's house for their first American dinner. They realize American etiquette is much different from Chinese etiquette, so they don't know exactly how to react. Later on, they go to a fancy restaurant for dinner and the narrator is embarrassed by her family's obnoxious slurping. After that, the Lin family invites the Gleason's to their house for a chinese dinner. The girl and Meg go for milkshakes that night, and after Meg gets asked if she always slurps, she just answers,"All americans slurp!"
Exposition- A chinese family immigrates from China and gets invited to their first American dinner
Tone and Mood
Tone: humorous, friendly
1)People really aren't all that different
'The Gleason's dinner party wasn't so different from a chinese meal after all'
2)Even if your family embarrasses you, you can't leave- they're still your family
'A girl can't just leave because they slurp their soup'
Always appreciate your heritage
Static: Meg
Protagonist: the narrator because she wants to be more american
Antagonist: her mom because she wants her to stick with her chinese heritage
POV: first person
Narrator: Lensey Namioka, the author
Rising Action- The Lin family doesn't know how to react at the dinner with americans, then they go to a fancy restaurant and they end up slurping their soup really loudly
Climax- The Gleason family is also awkward when they don't know how to act when eating chinese food
Falling Action- The girls go to get milkshakes
Resolution- Meg slurps her milkshake and says,"all americans slurp"
Mood: happy
2)"Then came our dinner at the Lakeview restaurant"- foreshadowed something embarrassing was about to happen
Lensey Namioka was born in Bejing, China, and came to America when she was only 9 years old. She went to Radcliffe College and the University of California at Berkeley. She studied mathematics there. Namioka has wrote many book and has won many awards for her work. She writes books for young people, but she also has written travel books to China and Japan.
The narrator wants to blend in as an american.
The Gleason's didn't use proper chinese etiquette.
Literary Terms
Shloop, Shloop- Onomatopoeia: It's telling what their slurps sounded like
"...soup is to slurp" - alliteration: it tells what kind of etiquette they have in China
"Our family beat a retreat back to the sofa as if chased by enemy soldiers."-simile: its giving you an example of how fast they ran back to the couch
The narrator was embarrassed that they brought chairs to the buffet table at the Gleason's house.
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