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Musical/Cinematic/Performance - Group D (Module 1)

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Samantha Lohse

on 17 March 2015

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Transcript of Musical/Cinematic/Performance - Group D (Module 1)

From the 1600-1800, some of the most creative composers and playwrights known had shed a light that forever changed musical and cinematic art. This era introduced some of the best symphonies, plays, and theaters, and continues to influence music and theater till this day.
Musical Examples
Arcangelo Corelli- Trio Sonata
Painful Tragedy
Innate Spirituality
Artistic Beauty
Harsh Brutality

Time Era
Antonio Vivaldi- Vibrant background and music gave off beautiful scenery of walking through nature.

The Lion King- Lion King vs Hamlet, murder, greed and

Jean Baptise- Appraisal, mockery to King XIV, Ethics and Values. Invention of French Opera.

Group Members' Perspective
Baroque music has made an impact on theater and music. Its complexity is not seen today.
Antonio Vivaldi- Four Seasons- 1st Part of Spring
Theater Examples
Claudio Monteverdi - Lamento Della Ninfa
Bach - Cello Suite w/bass
Mozart's Symphony no 40
-Wolfgang Mozart
-Antonio Vivaldi
-Arcangelo Corelli
-Claudio Monteverdi
-Johann Sebastian Bach
-George Etherege
-Lope de Vega
-Aphra Behn
-William Shakespeare
-Jean Baptiste Lully

Cinematic Artists

Jean-Baptist Lully- Le roi danse
William Shakespeare- Hamlet
George Etherege- To a lady asking him how long he would love her
Lope de Vega- Fuente Ovenjuna
Aphra Behn- The Rover
: Shakespeare’s plays were mostly about tragedy while Bhens and Ethereges plays were mostly comical
: Vivaldi the four season a piece based the four seasons of the year and it is categorized by particular climatic feature event or festivity
: Bach used Corelli and Vivaldi’s styles like dynamic motor rhythms and harmonic schemes
: Jean Baptiste Lully spent most of his life working in Louis XIV court and disowned any Italian influence in French Music
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