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this is percy. Percy jackson

No description

noah willard

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of this is percy. Percy jackson

Percy Jackson
The Lightning Thief

This is Percy. Percy Jackson was is Poseidon's son
The Minotaur crashed gabe's 1978 camaro. The Minotaur also squeezed his mom to a hologram and Percy shoved the minotaur's horn in him to kill him.
Mrs.Dodds was yelling at percy and then
she call him in to a room
and then bang mrs.dodds
turn in to a Fury
this is dionysus. He is the owner
of half blood hill.
when they are playing capter the flag
and percy got cut and he went to the water and the water healed his cut
Percy was given a mission to collect 3 perals and retured the lightning bolt to Zues
this is hades he is the god of the under world.
this is the lake from camp half boold
this is
this is a hell hound when they smell a anamial
they chase it
this is a pen

this is medusa she turns people to
stone. :0
his is smelly gabe he is married to percy's mom sally.
these are the wing shoes that percy used

percy found the lighting bolt
this is the under world
tihs is luke he seems like a nice boy but
hes not.
zeus and Poseidon were in a war because Zeus lost his lightning bolt.
this is Grover. Grover is Percy best friend and his porter
this is Annabeth she is the daughter of Athena
sally is married to smelly gabe. he is mean to her and percy .
The three take a bus, a train, a truck, and a taxi cab to make their way across America, from New York to Los Angeles, where the gates of the Underworld are located.
percy gave zues
the bolt

percy cut off medusa
percy was dyisleyic
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