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GSA Presentation

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Cecelia Simms

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of GSA Presentation

The History of Drag Milton High School GSA presents...
Definition of drag:
The wearing of clothing characteristically associated with the opposite sex - A man dressed as a woman is a drag queen and a woman dressed as a man is a drag king. It is generally done for the purpose of entertainment, and can often be a career or part of a performance career. The Origins:
The term “drag” began to be used in the early 18th century. At the time this term was used to describe transvestites. The word “drag” came from how the trains of dresses dragged on the ground.
Drag Queens V. Transvestites

Most people don't know it, but there is a difference between drag queens and transvestites. Though the terms are often used interchangeably, the technical definition of a drag queen is a man dressing up as a woman for the sake of entertainment, a performance, a costume, or a career, and they are almost always gay. A transvestite is a man (gay or straight, though most are actually straight men) who dresses in women's clothing, whether it be full garb, just shoes, or just underwear, out of personal preference/comfort, often on a casual/daily basis. For example...

In the film "The Rocky Horror Picture Show,"
Tim Curry's character is a transvestite, because he just liked dressing as a woman in general.

Tim Curry himself, however, though he is not, was acting as a drag queen, in dressing as a woman for a job/for entertainment. Another example is RuPaul, a famous drag queen, v. Eddie Izzard, a transvestite.

RuPaul dresses like a woman for his job and for fun, but Eddie Izzard just wears women's underwear/leggings due to personal preference, and at times he does dress completely as a woman (for both drag purposes and preference.) Famous Drag Queens... Quentin Krisp The House of
Le May RuPaul Divine Men aren't the only
ones who can enjoy drag
- ever heard of a drag
KING? Yup,a king. This
is the reverse of
traditional male-to-
female drag, and is
instead the practice of
women dressing as and
acting stereotypically
as men. It is alot less
common than traditional
drag, but there are shows
and parties for it
nonetheless. Drag kings
often perform in dances
and lipsyncs (much like
drag queens.) So that's it - A little
bit of information on a
commonly misunderstood
subject. So now that
you've been educated,
we'd like to leave you
with one more little thing...
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