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Copy of BMI Informational

Our Goal is to GRADUATE!!!

steven williams

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of BMI Informational

The Legacy Wowing template. Click through in 20 steps. Black Male Facts Only 35% of black males graduate from college within six years.(2009 American Council on Education Information)
Only 37% of black male high school graduates enroll in college. (2009 American Council on Education Statistics)
Only 2.7 out of every 10 black males who enter NIU graduate. (2003 NIU Office of Institutional Research)
It is estimated that 30% of black males between the ages of 20 to 29 are under correctional supervision. (2001 Bureau of Justice Statistics) It could be much larger! You
idea Takeaway.
Bye. And Finally Black Male Initiative Well
go An Example: 30 Photo credits: 'horizon' by pierreyves @ flickr So... The concept of the Black Male Initiative was the brainchild of Donald A. Bramlett, Director of the Office of Retention Programs, at Northern Illinois University. His vision was to create a social and academic support network in which traditionally admitted Black Male students, who would otherwise go unsupported, could develop positive relationships with other Black Males who are academically successful. His idea was to promote pride in academic success while giving mentors and mentees an opportunity to support each other and develop life-long friendships Mission BMI serves as an organization chiefly focused on the retention rate of traditionally admitted Black Males who persist from freshman to sophomore year in good academic standing. Our goal is to insure that they persist to graduation. As you browse through our site you will discover how BMI serves this collegiate campus, DeKalb's diverse community, and many black male students.  B.M.I Facts Have a 100% graduation rate of original members
80% of all active members persist toward graduation
The only black male retention organization on campus So what side of the Fence do you want to be on??? Our Focus ACADEMICS 3.0 GPA club (semester/cum)
Study groups
Academic mentors
Homework/test/quizzes network COMMUNITY SERVICE Hope haven shelter
New Hope food pantry
Oak Crest senior citizens home
NIU Cares day
Meals on Wheels
NIU Football Parking
Blood Drive
Youth In Unity
Talented Tenth
NIU Career Fairs
Mid-semester Check SOCIAL
INTERACTION Basketball Tournament
Apollo talent show
Paintball outing
Annual Bar-B-Q
BMI retreat How Do We Do It? BMI provides mentoring, academic support, resources and social activities for BMI participants.
Our members are involved in community service activities around the NIU campus and DeKalb community.

BMI participates in leadership development activities, such as conferences, workshops and attending motivational presentations.
We sponsor social outings and informative workshops on academic skills, career development and other topics of interest to participants. Freshmen Year Focus Time management
Choosing peer groups
High school Vs. College Studying
The video game trap!
Aggression vs. Problem Solving
Hormone Control…. Challenge What do You want out of your college career? Sub-Pillars
Image Busting
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