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Settings in Tomorrow When the War Began

No description

Abbey Munro

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of Settings in Tomorrow When the War Began

Settings in Tomorrow When the War Began
Wirrawee (Post-invasion)
After Wirrawee is invaded, it becomes a very different place
A feeling of anxiety and fear is created through the language techniques
due to safety, most of the action occurs at night, which also creates a sense of suspense
There are two settings in Tomorrow When the War Began:
Both these places are integral to the story.
what starts as a mysterious and unknown destination for the teenagers, Hell becomes their safe haven throughout the war
The name Hell becomes an Oxymoron - it is not hell, but rather the place that keeps them safe from the war.
Wirrawee (pre-invasion)
Wirrawee is a typical rural Australian town
the picture painted by Ellie is it was a safe one, where everyone knew everyone else
through his language techniques, Marsden creates a homely, innocent feeling when discussing the setting of Wirrawee before it was invaded.
How does this relate to Journeys?
The settings of this novel relates to physical journey.
through Marsdens use of imagery and figuritive language, he is able to reinforce how different each setting is
Through this, the physical journey that the characters go becomes more apparent, and the differences in the settings is more obvious
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