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Supporting Technology Infusion using Laptop Carts in a Middle School Environment

Tech leaders and school administrators ultimately face the challenge of infusing tech standards through the use of a variety of hardware. Mobile Macbook Labs have proven to be successful for us as move to a 1:1 laptop program

Amanda DeCardy

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Supporting Technology Infusion using Laptop Carts in a Middle School Environment

Supporting Technology Infusion using Laptop Carts in a Middle School Environment
What if the way we learn is truly starting to change?
What can learning look like for our students?
And how can we support teachers through the inevitable transition?
we could show what we know
by teaching somebody else...
What if...
we could answer essential questions about concepts and spark new learning for our peers?
we could easily document our experiences with our host country and share our unique experiences with the world...
we could practice and record a global language and share our success across the globe?
we could create our own compilation of music just because we could...
we could move an entire school forward in the same direction, embracing the journey together?
Using the iLife suite to Infuse technology across the curriculum
in Global Langues...
using garageband together with a voki
weather reports and travel guides using iMovie
Online collaboration with Moodle
using iMovie and Garageband to make math videos incorporating vocabulary
and teaching others how to solve math problems
recording lessons using the Smartboard and Garageband
in Math...
in Science...
Using wikis to create an environmental NGO Conference
Answering unit essential questions using Garageband, iMovie, Photobooth... some even using Final Cut with lifetype... too cool!
and inspiring others along the way...
using Google Docs to collaborate...
Award winning Labbing Out Loud (LOL) iMovies
in Music and Art
using Adobe Photoshop to re-invent Art
using Garageband to play all of the parts...
just because you can!
using SmartMusic to record student at home...formative assessment in music
in Humanities...
collaborating for the Global Issues Network and sharing host country experiences using Google docs and wikis
using Photobooth to record and reflect
using iMovie to create a photostory about Heritage and environment
teacher and peer editing using Google docs
In Drama.... in PE
reflecting on fitness goals
reflecting on acting...
infusing technology across curriculum
principals are blogging...
upper administrators are blogging...
building local community and a global audience
students are blogging to reflect...
crossing divisions to build community
Within your division
Within your school
Within your region
While involving parents in the process...
transition project
if you ask... they will answer
parents are blogging
staying connected through netvibes
... or google reader
student film festivals
managing the transition
in 2008
we had few macs
ten teachers were blogging...
out of one hundred fifty.

we bought fifty macs for the middle school
and added two mac labs to the high school
out of one hundred and fifty teachers
90% of them are blogging
and they were never told they had to do it
and over 3000 student blogs...
wordpress mu
common naming convention
all users registered with a school email address
users back up their own blogs
google apps for education
student email
all school and non-school accounts
register with @sasstudent.org account
password control
google docs
google forms
google sites
google calendar
students teaching teachers
student blogs
teacher blogs
video storage
photo storage
online check-out
over 600 teacher blogs...
Paving the Way to One to One
- Technology Infusion at Shanghai American School -

teachers are blogging...
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