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Madison Duke

Baer, Period 6

Madison Duke

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Madison Duke

The Problem People Using Dog Fighting For Entertainment Thesis To prevent dog fighting,
dogs will no longer be sold and will no longer be bred. Solution People who allow dog fighting should have a punishment for their actions. Advantages Less diseases being contracted by dogs that get infections from the conditions they live in.
Costs for pounds & animal shelters will go down.
Less criminal activity
ie. gambling
Cute little dogs like the one shown below are not killed. Consequences Since dogs are not being sold anymore there will be an increased crime rate due to illegal stealing of dogs.
If dogs are not being fought some people might result to fighting some other animal.
People who do not fight dogs and enjoy having them as pets will not be able to keep them as pets any longer as a result of dog fighting.
Picture resources http://blog.antiquetrader.com/blog/content/binary/Antiques%20eBay%20thumbs%20down.gif



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