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The Bald Eagle

No description

Library Media

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of The Bald Eagle

The bald eagle was made the national bird of
the United states in 1782. The image of the
bald eagle can be found in many places in the
U.S., such as on the great seal, Federal agency
seals, the president's flag, and on the one
dollar bill. Bald Eagle The Founding Fathers wanted to choose a bird
that was unique to the United States. For six
years, the members of congress engaged in a
dispute over what the national emblem should
be. As a result of the debate, the bald eagle was
chosen because it symbolized strength, courage,
freedom and immortality and it would look much
better as our national symbol. What do bald eagles look like? WHERE DO WE SEE THE BALD EAGLE ? Why was the bald eagle chosen as our national
symbol? Both male and female adult bald eagles
have a blackish brownish back, a white
head, neck, and tail, and yellow feet and
beak. The female bald eagle is 35 to 37 inches,
slightly larger than the male. There wingspan
ranges from 72 to 90 inches. The bald eagle can fly up to 10,000 feet. During level flight, they can achieve speeds 30 to 35 mph. bald eagles
weigh from 10 to 14 pounds. Also, the bald
eagles have 7,000 feathers. It takes the bald eagle
20 weeks to make a nest. The bald eagle is a large powerful brown bird with a white head and tail. The term "bald" does not mean the eagle is bald. Instead, it comes from the word piebald, an old word, piebald means "marked with white" thanks for watching! The Bald Eagle
By:David What do Bald eagles
eat Eagles are hunters and are at the top
of the food chain. They also are scavengers, often feeding on dead or decaying flesh. Most of there diet is
fish, and they tend to live in areas
close to lakes, rivers, and oceans.
One reason so many bald eagles live in Alaska is because the salmon population is so big and it leaves them a lot to eat. The way the
eagles catch the fish is with their
long talons. Where do bald
eagles live. The bald eagles natural
range covers most of North America, including most of Canada, all of the continental United States, and northern
Mexico. The bald eagle was hunted for a long time and they almost got extinct. Thats why they don't live in many places.
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