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Louisville Kentucky

No description

Jordan Kennedy

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Louisville Kentucky

Impact of Tourism on the Community 11.7 billion dollar impact on Kentucky's economy.

Tourism was responsible for 169,932 jobs in Kentucky
More than $2.6 billion in wages
An increase of $76 million from the previous year.

Tourism generated $1.22 billion in tax revenue
An increase from $1.19 billion

Despite a tough economy, the Kentucky tourism industry continues to shine. Current Tourism Resources •Louisville changing to a more business-friendly city
•Competition with big convention cities
•Kentucky Derby
•Man-made tourism
•Natural Tourism When you hear Louisville, Kentucky, what comes to mind? Tourist Base (Geographic, Demographic, and Psychographic) •In a single year there were 5,516,000 visitors to the State of Kentucky.
29% business travelers
59.1% pleasure
•The average stay away from home was 3.6 nights
•38.7% people stayed at a hotel, motel, or resort.

•In a five-year period there were 470,000 overseas visitors to the state of Kentucky.

•Most visitors travel to Louisville by car
•1,974,269 passengers flew into the Louisville International-Standiford Airport
•The most frequent visits came from those from the states of Ohio, Indiana, and Tennessee Visitor’s attendance at 2,988,000 from those three states.
62% pleasure travelers
•Of the 2,988,000 visitors, only 33.8% stayed in a hotel, motel, or resort.
Average nights stay was approximately 2.7 nights.

•The top 3 age ranges of visitors to Kentucky were 40-49, 30-39, and under 18 years old.
•94.9% of all visitors to Kentucky were white
•24.4% of visitors to had an annual household income of $50,000 - $59,000.
•32% of visitors to the state of Kentucky were high school graduates
Only 18.7% of visitors had received a bachelor’s degree or higher. Competitiveness in Tourism Market Future Growth
•Transportation is an issue with visitors and improvements need to be made to transportation infrastructure to accommodate visitor transportation needs.

•Louisville is adding a new headquarter hotel with 600-1000 rooms in the main gate of the Kentucky Exposition Center to enhance the stay of business travelers.

•Enhancements to the Kentucky International Business Center need to be made

•Need to increase downtown retail and housing as an influential element of continuing Louisville as a top tier destination.

•Louisville recognizes the need to further develop existing outdoor amenities including the Jefferson Memorial Forest, Floyds Fork, and the Riverfront.

•From May 2007 looking toward the future, Louisville has a total of 239 conventions, meetings, trade shows, and expositions scheduled through 2014
An estimated business total of $556,000,000.

•In order to continue to build their reputation as a national contender in the destination aspect, it is crucial for Louisville CVB employees to keep meeting planners up to date on what is offered in terms of rooms, convention facilities, and especially attractions within the Louisville area Target Markets Business and leisure travelers who are concerned about ecotourism efforts Tourism Destination Development Louisville, Kentucky Marketing Objectives and Strategies & Advertising Plan Jordan Mangrich, Aris Tucker, Allie Mason, Katelyn Searcy, Gaby Castellon But there is more to Louisville, Kentucky then these stereotypical things that attracts outsiders. Kentucky Derby
•137 years old
•Venue: Churchill Downs
•Bringing in tourists annually Venues Kentucky Exposition Center
•Largest of its type in KY
•7th largest of its type in the U.S.
•1.2 million square feet of meeting space Kentucky International Convention Center
•300,000 sq. feet
•Key location in Downtown Louisville KFC Yum! Center
•Two-year old arena in Downtown Louisville
•Bringing in tourists for concerts, ice shows, and NCAA Championships including boxing, swimming and wrestling Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Cultural, historical and natural assets

Kentucky Expo Center (Sporting events)

Innovative activities

Infrastructure Lack of updated/eco-friendly public transportation

Meeting space


Limited local employment opportunities Nucleus, aging care health facility

Green initiatives through out the city

Development of new tourism and related efforts

Marketing efforts Competition from surrounding cities

Stereotype of country/small town


High variation of pattern of visitors Unique Facts

Named the "Possibility City"

"Bourbon Country"

Louisville Slugger- 1.8 million bats made per yer

Home to 120 parks We strive to become a city that is focused on green efforts, and grow responsibly as a community.

By using a new transportation system, Louisville will begin using more hybrid buses and promote the bicycle scene throughout the city.

We will encourage all tourists and businesses to “eat green, sleep green, and see green” by promoting our eco-friendly hotels, environmentally friendly and unique eating options, and beautiful natural parks that we have to offer.
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