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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

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Transcript of Virtual Reality

Our Proposal
Top FIVE Reasons
IChemE use it for
Hazard awareness
(Hazard 24 event sponsored by MMI – developer of QUARTS, Quantitative Real Time Hazard Simulator)
ExxonMobil Awards License to EON Reality For Immersive 3D Operator Training Simulator Technology
BP - "Virtual reality is leading to real results as BP collaborates with Maersk Training to prepare our offshore drilling teams for challenges they face on the job"

3. The industries we work in have already begun to see the benefits
4. Clients are using it!
1. Reduced rework and schedule overruns
Rework costs up to 10.89% of original contract costs and 9.82% schedule growth (2012 Navigant Construction Forum)
Imagine in TCO FGP, whose FID of $36.8billion, potential savings can be huge.
Brooks, F. P., "What' s Real About Virtual Reality?", IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications, 19(6), 1999, p.16
[ an ] experience …in which the user is effectively immersed in a responsive virtual world
Fluor's past experience

Virtual Reality software that is compatible with SmartPlant Review is available

Software to be chosen to meet Fluor's needs

Virtual Reality
This is the Future, This is Fluor
We believe that immersive visualisation using virtual reality will enable Fluor to improve
safety, effectiveness and competitiveness.
A picture paints a thousand words. Virtual reality displays a million!
Enhance Fluor's safety culture and reduce rework, improving value for clients by enabling:
In 1997 Fluor experimented with VR, however, while the software was available, it was not user friendly and the hardware was bulky and cumbersome.
A mobile phone that is in your pocket has more power than the early the VR systems.
Proof of concept - Demonstration
Disaster scenario training and planning
Design for operations and maintenance
Design development for improved safety
Enhanced construction planning
3D Visualisation
VR 3D Model
Entergy Corp. (US electric power production and retail distribution operations) anticipates
$1 million per day savings
Hydro-Québec (Canadian renewable energy producer) saves
200 weeks of off-line time and CAN$50 million
Yantai Raffles Shipyard (Singapore manufacturer of offshore and marine equipment)
builds offshore structures 70% faster, increases design productivity by 30% and saves two million man-hours

2. Improve the operational efficiency of the plant, enhance safety and
develop maintenance training.
5. Provide FLUOR a competitive advantage
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