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Mrs. Riddle's Connotation and Denotation

No description

Tiffany Davis

on 16 August 2017

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Transcript of Mrs. Riddle's Connotation and Denotation

Connotation and Denotation
Get Busy!
1) Copy Down Homework
2) Mountain Language- Turn in if you did not yesterday.
3) Work on Holes Questions until we all come together.
What's the Big Idea?
How does the connotation of a word influence the way we understand what we read or understand about characters and events in a text?
Consider This
When we hear or think about the words "excuse me", do we usually perceive them in a positive or negative way?
How and when do we typically use the words excuse me?
Check This Out
Exploring the Relationships Among Words

I can distinguish among connotations and denotations of words. L 5c-1

I can use the relationships between words to better understand each word’s meaning. L 5b-1

I can use context clues to figure out word meanings L 4a-1
Learning Targets

Do your thoughts change?

Noisy Classroom

What is the difference?
Word Sort
1) Sort the words into synonymous pairs
2) Sort the pairs into two columns with the more positive words on the left and the more negative words on the right.
3) Call me over to check
4) Explore with your group. See if your group can find a new way to sort or group these words.
Why is it important as a writer to be careful about the words you choose?

Do you think it’s important for people to have a large vocabulary?
Before we watch the clip, answer the questions 1-2 associated with the clip from

Then, while watching, pay close attention to the words "excuse me". After, answer questions 3-4.
Take it One Step Further
In what way was The Warden using the words "excuse me"?

What is it that helps us to determine what she actually means when she says "excuse me"?
Wrap it Up!
How confusing can things be when our words mean different things to different people?
Think about misunderstanding that might happen through texts messages or other social media. Why might those occur?
Understanding connotations and context clues is important in what you are reading, in what you are writing, and in every way you communicate.
Exit Slip
Directions: Answer the following questions thoughtfully.

1) What is the difference between the denotation and connotation of a word?

2) In what ways can we use the relationships among words to understand the meaning of a new word?

3) How does the ability to use context clues and understand the mood or tone of a selection influence the way you read and understand that piece?

Denotation-The dictionary definition of a word.

Connotation-The words and feelings surrounding a word.
What comes to mind when you think of home?
1. Overweight vs. fat
2. Job vs. career
3. Student vs. scholar
4. Doctor vs. physician
5. Rich vs. wealthy
6. Immigrant vs. alien
7. Unique vs. weird
Think about these words...
Now, let's take a look at Michelle Tanner....
All about Michelle....
When Michelle says "Duh!," what is the connotation? Why does she say it?

When Michelle says "Oh please!," what is the connotation?

How do you know?
Even though we know this is an older woman, how can we say that in a nicer way?
These are all POSITIVE!
All of these descriptions have the same DENOTATION, and mean "far advanced in the year's of one's life."
However, people will respond to these words differently.
As you watch the following clips, listen for two things:

1. What does Lightning McQueen mean when he says "bomb?"

2. What does Mater mean when he says "bomb?"

Take 5 minutes to answer the questions at the end of your Anticipation Guide. Good luck!
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