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Argentine Dogo

No description

Nadia Flores

on 10 November 2015

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Transcript of Argentine Dogo

The Dogo Argentino is a dog breed native Argentina . Bullenbeisser representative is considered along with the Spanish mastiff is part of Generation Bullenbeisser group. Along with the Dog Pile Argentino are the only breeds developed in Argentina that still exist . The other two , the Argentine polar dog and Cordoba Fighting Dog , are extinct.
Breed description.
The head is large with massive skull. Snout slightly concave , with thin lips that bite and catch prey let you keep breathing and hold. Brown eyes , set wide apart . Ears erect or semi-erect , triangular and cuts. The neck is muscular , arched and thick. The chest is broad and deep . The limbs are straight, with muscular thighs , short hocks , and short fingers together . The tail is long and thick. The body line must remain light and light and avoid obesity.
Bless you.
The Dogo may experience hearing loss related with the pigment (or lack thereof) . There is a possibility of about 10% of the Bulldog suffer deafness , with some affected animals unilaterally and bilaterally others . Hip dysplasia is also a common health problem . Skin problems are quite common , particularly a disease called demodexia , which usually occurs mainly in immunosuppressed juveniles .
For your skin should not stay long in the sun. For proper maintenance of its coat is needed brushing with a mitt or rubber to remove dead hair. Your eyes should be kept, the cleaning must be daily to avoid any inflammation.
It was developed by the Argentine doctor Antonio Nores Martinez, who was looking for a suitable animal for hunting in Argentina usual species such as wild boars , peccaries , pumas and red foxes . In the 1920s , Nores helped by his brother Agustin , his father Antonio and uncles decided to create a race of prey to gather the best qualities of Cordoba Fighting Dog , but with dimensions and superior physical strength.
Argentine Dogo
Breed history.
The Dogo.

Legal aspects.
Usually the holders of copies of this breed must comply with any rules legally stipulated in their place of residence . Regulations and / or restrictions vary by country and location , and can range from the obligation to obtain a license to a total ban on the holding of the animal. Other rules state that the dog owner identifiable by a chip or a tattoo, you put a muzzle in public places to walk it or sterilize .
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