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X-Word Grammar FLC Poster Presentation

Introduction - Poster Presentation

ESL Grammar

on 18 May 2011

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Transcript of X-Word Grammar FLC Poster Presentation

X-Word Grammar Everybody knows it.... ....but few people understand it! Few people know it... ...but everyone can understand it! GW=CI:
Good writing
is the
of an idea! "What we got here is
a failure to commuciate!" "Readers want our pages to look very much like pages they have seen before." - Kurt Vonnegut ...bad writing fails to
communicate an idea! If we want to communicate in
written English... ...an observation
...a question
...an opinion
...a theory
...a feeling
...an explanation
...a suggestion GW=CI One of the greatest barriers to clear writing... In other words... ...it's simple... So....if good writing
communicates an idea... ...written English needs to be expressed
in commonly recognized forms. Individuals who want to be full
participants in that community... One of the greatest challenges
these students face... Even after years of English study... X-word grammar is an attempt
to address this problem. ...making rules about
what is right and wrong. ...making observations
about the patterns of written English. X-word grammar is
a classroom application
developed by linguist
Robert Allen. ...do not picture a reference book sitting on a desk. Picture a useful tool
in the minds of those... ...students learn
to use
common patterns
of English ... X-word grammar gives writers
the words and concepts they need
to critique their own writing... Student Response. ...the most common response
is pleasant surprise! "Wow!"

"This works!"

"I get it!" It is an alternative way
of looking at the grammatical
patterns used in the written English
of the wider community. X-grammar helps learners
to see English sentences
with a new set of eyes. X-word grammar has proven
especially helpful for ESL learners... We are
asking them
to think! Again we are not training students
to make pronouncements
about what is right and wrong,,, In the past year, our FLC has introduced
x-word grammar to a core group of teachers. Flying in the face
of common wisdom... We have been encouraging them
to see English with this new set of eyes... Progess can be slow but we are encouraged
to keep
and growing Our goal for the coming year is threefold... ...and enabled to participate more
fully in the great conversation. Who are your readers? What are you trying to say? How can you say it in a way that
communicates most effectively? The Context The Problem The Solution The FLC Good Writing Bad Writing vs. Patterns vs. Rules Choices vs. Judgments Student Response X-word grammar tells a story about how educated native speakers of English use the written word. ...and share it in a way that
makes sense to readers. That is the problem! What about... ...they often fail
to communicate them clearly... But more and more students in
American universities are
non-native speakers of English... ...or native speakers who use a
less common variety of English
in daily life. Atrocious Grammar! Students who suffer from Atrocius Grammar
find themselves scorned and ostrachised
by the academic community. ...wait a second... ...that's "ostracized"... What can we do to
help these students? Past Future Rather than telling
students what to think... ...we are not simply telling them,
"Your sentences are wrong!" We are training them
to make choices about
what communicates effectively. ...we are trying to teach
an old dog new tricks. To become more familiar with these
common patterns ourselves... To produce materials at beginning,
intermediate and advanced levels... To become more adept at helping our students
see and appreciate these patterns... Thanks for watching! Peter B. Hoffman
Akiko Ota

Co-facilitators Would you like to go
back to the beginning? Let's go!!! ...because they are
unable to express them
in common forms. ...is a lack of appreciation for the grammatical patterns... ...because of an inability to
recognize and produce sentences using commonly accepted forms.... ...must have a
familiarity with
these common
forms... ...and
the ability
to use them
to their
advantage. That's right! ...so that they can
make better choices... It is a
grammar... X-word
is NOT a
grammar... Through X-word grammar... When we train students
in the use of X-word grammar... "Now fix
them!" We are asking them
to ask good questions ...as well as native speakers who use
alternative forms of English in daily life. ...so that they can produce sentences
that effectively communicate their ideas. When
discover x-word
grammar for
the first
time... "I've been studying English for six years;
why didn't anybody ever teach me this before?" So when you think of X-word grammar... ...who have difficulty
putting their ideas... ...into English sentences that others can understand. What has your
Faculty Learning
been doing? ...and to share this new perspective
with their students. ...it is essential that
we have an idea worth sharing... To communicate ideas clearly... ...is expressing their ideas
in written English. Even when they have good ideas... ...used in the language
of wider communication. ...many of these students
are unable to communicate
their ideas clearly... ...about how to frame
their ideas in English. If we are successful,
our students will be empowered
as writers... from the
X-word Grammar
Faculty Learning Community
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