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Vera Wang

No description

Maloree Smith

on 11 September 2012

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Transcript of Vera Wang

June 27,1949 Born in NYC to two wealthy Chinese immigrants Florence Wu and Cheng Ching Wang. Childhood -She grew up in Manhattan's Upper East Side, and attended the elite Chapin School and the School of American Ballet.
-She was an avid figure skater. 1967 She enrolled in Sarah Lawrence College. 1968 Vera studied abroad at Sorbonne University in Paris, France. 1971 -She graduated with a degree in Art History from Sarah Lawrence.
-She began her work for Vogue Magazine. 1972 She was promoted to Senior Fashion Editor of Vogue. 1987 She left Vogue to take a job as a Design Director for accessories at Ralph Lauren. June 22, 1989 -She marries her longtime boyfriend, Arthur Becker.
-She designed her first wedding dress, which happened to be her own! 1990 -October 17:With some financial help from her father, Vera opened her very first bridal boutique in the Carlyle Hotel on Madison Ave. in NYC.
-The adopted their first daughter, Cecilia. April 13, 1992 Vera launched a collection of streamlined and sophisticated bridal wear. 1993 -June 3:She won her first award for her designs. It was the American Planning Council's Honoree of the Year Award.
-The adopted their second daughter, Josephine. August 21, 1994 She receives her first international attention by designing a hand-beaded ensemble for figure skater Nancy Kerrigan in the 1994 Olympics. October 21, 1994 She won her second award for her designs. It was the Girl Scout Council's Woman of Distinction Award. January 21, 2001 -She launched her first fragrance, "Princess."
-She published her first highly anticipated wedding guide. August 20, 2005 -She was elected onto the Council of Fashion of America.
-She was also selected as the Womenswear Designer of the Year. April 19, 2006 Vera reached an agreement with Khol's to produce a less expensive line of ready-to-wear clothing exclusive for them called "Simply Vera." January 23, 2009 She gets back to her roots with an induction into the Figure Skating Hall of Fame for her costume design work. Vera's Elements LINE: Draping SHAPE TEXTURE: Silk BALANCE CONTRAST: Sleeves COLOR: Prints Value Details UNITY INSPIRATION Vera Wang's inspiration for her label stemmed from her own frustrating wedding dress experience. PHILOSOPHY Vera Wang's philosophy for all her collections is a modern approach to a classic style. "The best of both worlds." 5 Main Principles Vera Lives By: 1. It's not just about what you design, it's who you dress. 2. Nothing is new in fashion; it's how you interpret it. 3. Timing is everything. 4. Everyone's journey is different. 5. You're not always successful. "I had to learn to dust myself off and try again!" Her birthday takes place at the height of wedding season. She failed to make the Olympic team, which leads her to her to Plan B... Fashion! "The only thing I loved as much as skating was clothes!" She asks her daughters advice before launching new products or designs. "I have the two best test-marketers in my house, living with me!" Vera has designed wedding dresses for Jessica Simpson, Heidi Klum, Avril Lavigne, an Kim Kardashian. She says that if she could go back, she would do the reverse and start with contemporary, everyday clothing. Random Vera Facts NYC FASHION CAPITAL New York City is the fashion capital in which Vera Wang grew up and later became one of the most popular designers in the world! "Fashion ideas take root & trends are defined." NYC Fashion Week Fashion week is an event like any other and is the kickoff for the other fashion weeks in London, Paris, Milan, and Tokyo. 232,000 Tourists $773 million Garment Center Over 50% of all fashion jobs in NYC are found here. No other capital has as much fashion business and talent in one single district. Fashion Publications NYC is home to some of the biggest fashion publications, such as GQ, Vogue, and Women's Daily Wear. Fashion Schools NYC claims to have the country's best fashion schools, such as The Fashion Institute of Technology and Pratt Institute. They graduate over 1,000 students each year, many whom choose to work in NYC. NYC Fashion Facts -Employs 165,000 people
-Generates $9 billion
-Serves as headquarters to over 900 companies
Example: Betsey Johnson and Michael Kors
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