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Media Study - Artifact Analysis

No description

Eric Baudouin

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Media Study - Artifact Analysis

Leap http://www.nartube.com/b2c64853f40ad7bae34409178cfe134607ab6fbf:uwaskivJrZE.html Military Recruitment
Political cartoon
-Man is trained to join Marines
-messages of succes -Teenage audience Family Guy (Recruitment Episode) -Stewie signs up for military and forces brian to join also -Stewie is offered 50 dollars to sign up
a friend for the military. -Family guy is a popular show -Message of the unkown -Teenage audience or young
adults -Does not display actual
information -Displays information in a humorous way -Effective in persuasion but not getting
information -Friends of mine have joined or will join -The media is exploiting people Conclusion
-These artifacts are more persuasive then informative -Doesnt explain about war or what happens after you are recruited
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