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Personal Development Plan

Year 12

Emily Holt

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Personal Development Plan

Why is a PDP important for me? What does a PDP involve? SMART Targets L04: Be able to address personal needs P7: Produce a Personal Development Plan
P8: Follow a Personal Development Plan
M3: Identify primary areas for improvement and how these will be achieved. Students should be able to identify an area that they feel they need to develop upon and will demonstrate to prospective employees that they are able to critically reflect on their own personal performance and identify areas to improve upon. There are 5 key processes that you will need
to show an understanding of;

Action Planning
Time-Manageable "Success requires a well-articulated goal. It is not a product of wishful thinking" Reflection What do I really want to achieve from life?

What kind of person do I want to be?

Am I clear about my personal goals and ambitions?

Am I making the right decisions to get me where I really want to be?

Am I in charge of my life and my studies - or am I just hoping it all will work out somehow?
Recording Tasks: What you were required to do in the situation, what were your responsibilities?

Could you have done it better?
How would you have done it differently?
How can you achieve the tasks you needed to complete, what can you actually do, how can you contribute?

What might be the outcome of your actions?

What might be the skills you demonstrate as a result of your actions?

Action Planning
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