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Preparing for the Gauntlet [SRFIDC 2017]

No description

Derek Bruff

on 2 March 2017

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Transcript of Preparing for the Gauntlet [SRFIDC 2017]

What role does X play in your mission?
What expertise does your staff have in X?
What programs and services do you provide on X?
What are your institution's strategic priorities for X?
Who is involved with X on your campus?
What institutional structures and resources are there for X?
Derek Bruff
Rhett McDaniel
Educational Technologist
Joe Bandy
Assistant Director
CFT Senior Staff 2012-13
Cynthia Brame
Assistant Director
Nancy Chick
Assistant Director
Kathryn McEwen
Graduate Assistant
The Center takes as its mission to:
Promote deep understanding of teaching and learning processes by helping both individuals and groups of instructors to gather, analyze, and reflect on information about their own teaching and their students’ learning.
Cultivate dialogue about teaching and learning through orientations, workshops, working groups, and other programs.
Create and disseminate research-based best practices, models, and approaches to university teaching and learning — and facilitate access to resources that support them.
Providing opportunities to develop and refine
foundational teaching skills
through workshops, seminars, and individual consultations;
Consulting with educators as they adopt and evaluate
new teaching practices
as part of their continuing professional development;
campus conversations
on teaching and learning that are informed by national and international higher education developments, as well as local issues and priorities; and
Identifying, sharing, and advocating for
research-based practices
in university teaching and the resources that support them.
Derek Bruff
Rhett McDaniel
Educational Technologist
Joe Bandy
Assistant Director
Cynthia Brame
Assistant Director
Stacey Johnson
Assistant Director
Tracy Tveit
Program Coordinator
Vivian Finch
Assistant Director
Juliet Traub
Administrative Assistant
Lee Scarborough
Instructional Technologist
Ashley Burton
Instructional Technologist
Brandon Crawford
Instructional Technologist
What are 5-6 technologies you have used or seen used in teaching contexts?
My Favorite Educational Technology
"Wheels on Chairs," Derek Bruff, Flickr (CC)
How can you tell your campus about your relationship to X?
Preparing for the Gauntlet
Six Questions for Strategic Planning
Derek Bruff / derekbruff.org / @derekbruff
Which of the following questions was most useful to consider?
(Be prepared to share why!)
Legal Counsel
the Commons
School of Nursing
Provost's Office
It's no longer the Year of the MOOC. What "gauntlet" is coming your way in 2017?
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