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Oracles and Soothsayers

No description

Brian Lapham

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Oracles and Soothsayers

By: Nikita and Brian Oracles and Soothsayers
-Either a person or place, inspired by spiritual forces/events used to interpret the will of the gods. Soothsayers 2.) Zeus and Hera both consulted in him to settle a gender argument. Tiresias sided with Zeus, and in her anger, Hera struck him blind. Unable to undo another deity's punishment, Zeus gave him the gift of prophecy instead.
-One of the most famous "place" Oracles, is of Apollo at Delphi.
-The Priestess there was called "The Pythia" -An example of an Oracle is: The ancient Oracles of Zeus, where priests could interpret the wind rustling through the trees. -Most prophecies were given in response to questions of distress -Sometimes they flowed out randomly as an intermediary -In Oedipus Rex, the Oracle informs him of his cruel fate in which he would have to murder his father and marry his mother. -An Oracle can be compared too today's society as a prophecy or someone's "fortune" in a fortune cookie. -Heroes in Greek Mythology would fulfill prophecies that were given by the Oracles. Oracles - "Teller of Truth" Refers to a person who predicts the future through spiritual or supernatural means. -The difference between a Soothsayer and an oracle is: a Soothsayer is a fortune-teller/prophet; they can predict the future. An oracle, is THE prophecy being spoken through a priest, that is controlled by the god. -One of the most famous "Seers" is Tiresias. -Ancient greeks believe strongly in prophesies; they pay a lot of attention to the predictions of the Soothsayers and do exactly what they tell them to do. -We can compare Soothsayers to our society as: fortune tellers, prophets, psychic, etc. Tiresias - He was a blind prophet; the most famous Soothsayer in Ancient Greece. -There are 2 myths behind his blindness: 1.) He saw the Goddess Athena naked, as a result, she made him blind. But, when Tiresias's mother begged her for his sight back, she gave him the gift of prophecy instead, because she was unable to restore his sight. -In Oedipus, Tiresias is the prophet that warns Oedipus of his fate; which Oedipus refuses to believe in. -There is no direct person/thing that we can relate Tiresias too. But, a very accurate synonym would be, Professor Trelawny in Harry Potter.
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