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Passive Observation vs. Active Experiment

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gabe rincon

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of Passive Observation vs. Active Experiment

Passive Observation vs. Active Experiment
Active experiment
This is a more controlled experiment where experimenters can have a human subject or animal subject do a trial or answer questions. Using this technique will allow you to see the emotions or how they react. Also see how it can affect their beliefs.
Passive observation
It is a way of gaining knowledge, this is a certain technique used to see what people do, then you interview the person after the observation is done. This is where questions can be used to find out what they were thinking, but not as effective as a active experiment. This observation would allow people to study more of how they react.
Active experiment
the experiment done in the beginning of the year.
The language experiment done when we had to yell or tell someone we loved them.
I yelled at cooper and since he knew me accurate results weren't able to be recorded, but Questions were asked to see how he react if he didnt know me.
I asked cooper what would you have done or reacted if you didn't know me. Cooper said "If i didn't know you, I would have been really scared. I also would have just left the room."
Ferguson Missouri where a black teen has been shot, along with two more black teens since school has started.
The community living there see it as a big murder and brutality by police.
police officers look at it in different views, cops believe that there was a robbery before the cop and Brown met.
The police department have said that the officer was attacked and how he resisted arrest.
The death of brown have led to many riots since it has happened and the police have taken extremes to stop the riots.
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