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20,000 leagues under the sea

No description

pikachu guy

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of 20,000 leagues under the sea

United States of America Japan Indonesia Antartica Africa Middle East South America Great Britain Norway France Jules Verne Early life Jules Verne was born in Nantes, France and was born on Feburary 8th, 1828.
In Nates, he saw ships, and schooners in the port, and out at sea which inspired his imagination for traveling, and adventuring.
He also started to write plays and became a stockbroker as his plays couldn't generate enough money to support himself.
After he was financially stable, he married Honorine de Viane and published his first book "The 1857 Salon" Fr France Papua New Guinea Education Jules Verne was educated in a boarding school in France.
In boarding school, he started to capture his passion of short stories and poetry.
Once he was done, he went to Paris because of his father sent him and he started to learn law.
He later dropped out of law and started to do theater although his father didn't like it. Later Life Other Works Jules Verne did lots of other works besides a book writer.
Jules Verne published short stories such as "Castles in California."
He also wrote articles in Newspapers such as "An Ideal City" Recognition 20,000 leagues under the sea is considered a classic book.
I believe that 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is considered a classic because it has been written by an author who has wrote lots of Classic books and because it is very old and read a lot.
I believe this book deserves to be a classic because it is very old, and is one of the best novels written by Verne. Setting The book takes place in the Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic Ocean and in the Mediterranean, and Red Sea.
It takes place at different depths and locations in those seas.
The locations in the book are off the coast of Japan, an Indonesian island, Red Sea coasts, Arabian tunnel, Mediterranean sea bottom, Antarctica, off the coast of South America, East coast of North America, coast of France and Britain, Vanikoro, Crespo, Keeling Islands , Torres Straits, and finally the coast and land of Norway.
The book takes place from 1866 to 1868. Exposition 1. The Ship Governor Higginson
sees 2 columns rise 150ft. into the air
2. The Ship Columbus has a similar encounter
3. The ship Moravian collides with an underwater
object thought to be an uncharted rock.
4. The Ship Scotia collides with an underwater object
penetrating its iron hull
5. Professor Pierre Aronnax writes a newspaper article about the collisions and the sighting saying it might be a giant Narwhal. Rising Action 6. The American Frigate
Abraham Lincoln sets sail and
tries to track down the Narwhal
7. The Abraham Lincoln goes past Cape
Horn and into the Pacific.
8. Ned Land spots the Narwhal
9. The Abraham Lincoln fires at the Narwhal
10. The Abraham Lincoln gets close enough
to it so Ned Land throws his harpoon.
11. The Narwhal hits the Abraham Lincoln
sending Aronnax, his assistant Conseil,
and Ned Land off the boat.
12. All 3 of them are captured and
brought inside the boat Climax 13. Captain Nemo talks to Aronnax
14. Captain Nemo gives Aronnax a tour
of the submarine Nautilus.
15. Captain Nemo invites Aronnax to be in a
hunting party on the island of Crespo.
16. The crew spots the Sandwhich islands
17. The crew investigates Vanikoro
18. The Nautilus gets stuck on a rock in the Strait of Torres
19. The crew hunts on the island of Gilboa
20. The ship is attacked by savages
21. The crew see the Keeling islands and attack a Dugong
22. The Nautilus sails to the south pole after going through the Arabian Tunnel where it is trapped by ice and can't get out
23. The Nautilus becomes a living nightmare as the oxygen
runs out but they manage to make it out alive
24. They reach where the Amazon River meets the
25. A Giant squid attacks the Nautilus near
Martinique and Guadeloupe and eats
one member of the crew Falling Action 26. Sailing to off the coast of
North America, the Nautilus encounters
a Hurricane and goes beneath the waves
27. The Nautilus is off the coast of Newfoundland
when Conseil sees a giant cable who he thinks is a sea
serpent until Aronnax comes and says it the trans-Atlantic
cable which sent messages from America to Ireland
28. Ned, Conseil, and Aronnax are going to escape but the
Nautilus goes beneath the waves before they can escape Resolution 29. The Nautilus is attacked by
a ship and Captain Nemo sends her to
the bottom of the ocean
30. The Nautilus is caught in the Maelstrom and
Ned, Conseil, and Aronnax escape on a boat although
Aronnax's head gets hit by a piece of Iron and he becomes
31. After regaining consciousness, Aronnax finds himself in a
fisherman's hut in Norway with Ned and Conseil. Favorite Character My favorite character in 20,000 leagues under the sea is Captain Nemo because he is very mysterious and not much is revealed about him.
He disappears frequently in the book so it makes you wonder where he goes
He also has a really awesome electric gun and fights a giant squid. Favorite Part My favorite part of the book is when the ship that is unidentified attacks the Nautilus and Captain Nemo is sort of Angry and in my mind, has a challenge accepted face and attacks the ship a sends it to the bottom.
I like it because it is really funny on how they describe Nemo's face and how the characters react.
I also like how Nemo is always yelling during this time and how he yells "Strike, mad vessel! Shower your useless shot! And then, you will not escape the spur of the Nautilus. But it is not here that you shall perish! I would no have your ruins mingle with those of the Avenger!" Themes I think the 2 important themes in this novel are Perseverance and Depression as both themes occur in the novel in at least 2 different parts in the book.
Perseverance appears when the Trio, Aronnax, Conseil, and Ned Land try to escape the Nautilus a lot during the 9 month journey under the sea.
It also appears when they are trying to escape Antarctica when they are trapped and start to break there way out without giving up hope that they will make it out alive.
Depression is another theme of this book because Captain Nemo is Depressed because most likely, his family is dead and 2 of his crew member are dead.
Depression is also a theme because Captain Nemo cries and looks sad when his crew members died and when he looks at a portrait of his family, and he is not seen after the giant squid attack until the end of the book. Bibliography Website Jules verne biography. (2013, May 29). Retrieved from http://www.biography.com/people/jules-verne-9517579 1. 2. Merriman, C. D. (2008). Jules verne. Retrieved from http://www.online-literature.com/verne/ Kytasaari, D. (2012, October 12). The works of jules verne. Retrieved from http://epguides.com/djk/julesverne/works.shtml 3. Jules Verne met Jules Hetzel and he became his publisher
In 1861 his only child was born: Micheal Jean Pierre Verne
Verne kept writing books such as "Around the Moon" and "The Mysterious Island"
Verne's favorite Nephew Gaston tried to murder him in 1886
He died in 1905 while ill in Amiens, France
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