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Marzano's Super 7

No description

Erick Gurreonero

on 20 August 2015

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Transcript of Marzano's Super 7

What are the Super 7 Elements?

7 out of the 41 elements have been identified as vital in the service of the LAFS/MAFS/NGSS.

These elements should become staples of instruction.

The Super 7 elements are organized under…

Domain 1: Classroom Strategies & Behaviors

Lesson Segment: Addressing Content

Design Questions 2, 3, & 4

Element 6
Identifying Critical Content

What do I typically do to identify critical information?

Element 11
Helping Students Elaborate on New Content
What do I typically do help students elaborate on new information?

Marzano's Super 7
Element 12
Helping Students Record and Represent Knowledge
What do I typically do to help students record and represent knowledge?

Element 17
Helping Students Examine Similarities and Differences
How do I use comparison, contrast, and classification
activities to support students understanding of knowledge?

Element 18
Examining Errors and Reasoning
How can I help students learn to examine errors in reasoning and then encourage students to analyze and evaluate faulty logic in themselves and others?

Element 20
Helping Students Revise Knowledge
What do I do to help my students revise knowledge?
Element 22
Engaging Students in Cognitive
Complex Tasks Involving
What do I typically do to engage students in cognitively
complex tasks involving hypothesis generation and testing?

Critical-input experiences
Visual Activities – Storyboards, graphics
Narrative Activities – stories
Tone of Voice, gestures, and body position

Elaborate interrogation After a student answers a question, the teacher probes the answer by asking elaborate questions
Have students respond to each other’s questions.
Graphic organizers to map out their thinking

Informal Outline
Graphic Organizers
Academic Notebooks
Dramatic Enactments

Venn Diagrams
Sentence Stems
Bubble Diagrams
Classification Charts

Introduce common reasoning errors (Faulty Logic)
Concept of Attacks
Concept of Weak References
Concept of Misinformation

Provide Scales & Rubrics
Provide Feedback
Academic Notebook (interactive)

Monitor system to track individual progress
Model & Teach
Provide charts & Visual Aids to help students remember the steps for each task.
Teachers could use:
Teachers could use:
Teachers could use:
Teachers could use:
Teachers could use:
Teachers could use:
Teachers could use:
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