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Taylor Swift

No description

aned sanchez

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Taylor Swift

childhood Starting Big DIVORCE Finally Making It Taylor Swift always counts on her best friends Cartlidge;people in the news:Taylor Swift, pg.12-24 by Aned Sanchez Taylor Swift Taylor didn't have a "great" childhood. GOOD BAD When Taylor was little she had a Christmas tree farm! She was a middle school outcast my sources albums Taylor Swift(2006) Fearless(2008) Speak Now(2010) Speak now world tour(2011) Red(2012) Taylor got her big break in the blue bird cafe, in Nashville,Tennessee. Swift, Taylor, and Pete Billmann. Fearless. Milwaukee, WI: Hal Leonard, 2009. Print. Taylor Swift - Taylor Swift Wallpaper (28111508) - Fanpop fanclubswww.fanpop.com - 1600 × 1200 - More sizes * * * * * http://www.fanpop.com http://hollywoodlife.com LOVE FOR LACQUER: Top 10 RED Lipsticks - Taylor Swift Inspired!www.loveforlacquer.com - 1600 × 1200 - More sizes * Taylor Swift | Taylor Swift Hairstyles | Photoswww.taylorswiftfans.co.uk - 890 × 1308 - More sizes * taylor swift before she was famous--Gossip Teengossipteen.com - 379 × 512 - More sizes * taylor and austin swift | Flickr - Photo Sharing!www.flickr.com - 325 × 400 - More sizes * Austin Swift Taylor Swift http://www.okmagazine.com/news/taylor-swift-best-friends-selena-gomez-and-emma-stone-help-love-and-career-problems * Emma Stone Selena Gomez http://hollywoodlife.com/2012/07/25/taylor-swift-parents-divorced-sad-songs-new-album-break-up/ * images Emily Palau * 3 - Taylor Swift Photo (32676784) - Fanpop fanclubswww.fanpop.com - 500 × 500 - More sizes * Taylor Swift's Self-Titled Debut Albumtaylorswiftempire.piczo.com - 500 × 500 - More sizes Taylor Swift was discovered by Scott Borchetta. * Everyone made fun of Taylor because of her curly hair. http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_was_Taylor_Swift_discovered * Scott and Taylor talked,he said he didn't have a building but he wanted to start a recording studio and he eventually signed her. She eventually made an album and became famous, of course she is becoming more and more famous every day. Taylor wrote her own songs(and still does)about her break-ups and things that go on in her life. Taylor has written many of her own songs all about relationships gone wrong or even about her parents! Taylor's parents separated about 2 years ago! They still haven't signed the papers for divorce because they are afraid it could hurt Taylor's career. Andrea Finlay and Scott Swift(Taylor Swift's parents) could be headed for divorce soon! THANK YOU She got to pick pumpkins and go horseback riding * No one wanted to sit with Taylor at lunch because they thought she was weird. :(poor Taylor Taylor's mom was a stay at home mom. Her friends have helped her through the ups and downs including her recent relationship with Harry Styles. Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez: Best Friends Duet at Speak Now Tour ...blog.music.aol.com - 294 × 226 - More sizes

Taylor Swift On Friendship With Selena Gomez And Emma Stone ...www.mtv.com.au - 640 × 480 - More sizes Taylor Swift's Parents Getting Divorced — New Album All 'Sad Songs ...hollywoodlife.com - 600 × 774 - More sizes Taylor's parents may be separating because of the little time they get to see each other ,but Taylor still focuses on her career.
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