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LeCarra Albury & Destiny Escobar

No description

lib hist

on 30 August 2018

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Transcript of LeCarra Albury & Destiny Escobar

Born in June
President Bush Awarded them both
They both fought for three years
Received Purple Heart
Ross A. McGinnis
Born on June 14 1987
His rank was a Specialist
He was a Machine Gunner
Fought in Iraq War
Was rewarded the Purple Heart , Sliver Medal and The Medal Of Honor in 2008
President Bush awarded the Medals to his family
He grew up Knox Pa
M- Died in the War
R- Survived the War
M- Machine Gunner
R- Guard for Troops/ Soldiers
M- Fought in Iraq War
R- Fought in Korean War
Tibor Rubin
His ranking was Corporal
He guarded the shelter for the soliders while off duty
He fought in the Korean War
He recived the Medal Of Honor on September,23 2005
He had two kids
Grew up in Hungary Europe
Got capture by the Chinese
Snuck food for his soliders
LeCarra Albury & Destiny Escobar
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