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Horror movie trailer

No description

shajeda haque

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of Horror movie trailer

Movie Poster Film Magazine Horror Movie Trailer Similar Media Products By Shajeda Haque Similar Media Products for poster: Conventions
There is usually one image used for the poster which is manipulated to make it look more effective. This will attract the viewers more. Also the images used represent in some way the forms of death, fear and danger.
Slogans are used to reflect the film plot in some way and are always catchy. They are effective as they create meaning and always stick to the viewers mind.
Names of the actor/actresses are used to promote the film

For my poster i have used these elements to follow the conventions of real media products.

The conventions that i have challenged:
The colour black is stereotypically used in horror film posters. However i have not used black for the background of my poster as i want the image to stand out against the white background. Also the clothing worn by the character is black so it will draw the viewers in.

Similar Media Products for Film magazine: Conventions Photos of characters Characters: the character that i have photographed is the character in my trailer. For these photos, i asked the actress to act a little, giving a more serious facial expression to reflect the tense situation played by the character. I have also included another male character who has not been put in the trailer but in the storyline.
The image given is very strong which is important as this is the first element that will give readers interest.
The name of the magazine is written in a large font, usually the largest on the page.
Other text have been used to give readers an idea of the content of the film
I have followed these conventions in my magazine front page to make it look very conventional

BRIEF: A promotion package for a new film,
to include a teaser trailer, together with a
film magazine front cover, featuring the film
and a poster for the film. Film Synopsis: After the death of her mother, Eva’s life becomes very depressing. She is lonely and feels scared knowing that something was left behind from her mothers past. As a result Eva finds that something is watching her everywhere she goes. She realises that this isn’t just anything as she witnesses the dead. The dead want revenge from Eva. They want to get something back that her family had taken from them. Eva fights back, despite knowing that her death is like her shadow. MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES USED:
For the planning and research, i used Google to help me research similar media products for my tasks.
For the construction:
A digital camera was essential to capture images of characters for magazine front cover and film poster
A computer was vital to transfer the photographs and use softwares on the computer such as Adobe photoshop and i movie.
Also to film, a camcorder was vital.

For the evaluation, i have used this new software called Prezi as it presents information in a fluent way linking images and text together making it easier for the audience to understand.

The combination of my main task and ancillary
texts have worked well together as the the same
character has been used in each task. This will let
the viewers know that they are also looking at the
same film. As a package they have all linked well
together. The poster and magazine front page have
similar layouts as the same colour theme has been
During the process of construction, i asked
my audience to give me feedback on how to
improve each of my set tasks. By doing this, i
have gained an understanding of what my audience
think about my work and if it is suitable. As my target
audience are an age group of 15+ each bit of feedback
helped me understand the target group more clearly.
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