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Twelfth Night Character Map

No description

Isabel Kielmeyer

on 19 March 2015

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Transcript of Twelfth Night Character Map

Viola/ Cesario
Sea Captain
Valentine/ Curio
Feste (The Fool)
Sir Toby Belch
Sir Andrew Aguecheek
Orsino loves Olivia
Olivia falls in love with Cesario
Viola (as Cesario) is a messenger for Orsino
Captain saves Viola from a shipwreck
Twin brother and sister
Antonio saves Sebastian from a shipwreck
Valentine and Curio are gentlemen in Orsino's household
Fabian is a gentleman in Olivia's household
Maria is Oliva's waiting-woman
Maria takes part in a trick on Malvolio
Toby takes part in a trick on Malvolio
Feste takes part in a trick on Malvolio
Feste is Olivia's entertainer
Andrew is a friend of Toby
Olivia and Toby are kin
Viola loves Orsino
Malvolio is a gentleman in Olivia's household
Cesario and Andrew almost fight for Olivia
Toby likes Maria
Viola disguises herself as a man, Cesario, after her ship crashed
Falls in love with Orsino and becomes a messenger to tell Olivia that he loves her
Marries Orsino at the end of
Twelfth Night
Olivia is a Countess mourning over her brother's death
Rejects Orsino and Andrew's professions of love to her, but falls in love with Cesario
Marries Sebastian at the end of
Twelfth Night
Maria is Olivia's female waiting-lady
Plans a trick on Malvolio because he accused her of going against Olivia's best wishes
Toby is Olivia's drunken kinsman
Tries getting Olivia to fall in love with his friend Andrew so that he can use him for his money
Takes a part in the trick played on Malvolio
Andrew is a very wealthy friend of Toby
Tries fighting Cesario when he finds out that Olivia is interested in Cesario
Malvolio is a man who holds himself in high esteem
When he scolds Toby, Andrew, and Maria, they trick him into thinking that Olivia is in love with him
After scaring Olivia, he gets put into a cell
Feste is a clever "fool" who appears throughout the book to entertain the other characters
Dresses up as a Priest to play along in the trick against Malvolio
Fabian takes part in the trick on Malvolio
Fabian is one of Olivia's servants
Fights with Sebastian
Watches the trick played on Malvolio
Orsino is a count who loves the
Countess Olivia, and has sent
messengers to tell this to her, but
they all failed. He then tells Cesario to deliver the same message
Is lovesick throughout the play because Olivia won't accept his love offer
At the end of
Twelfth Night,
once he finds out that Cesario is actually Viola, he offers to marry her
Sebastian is Viola's twin brother who doesn't get introduced until act II
Marries Olivia after she proposes a marriage thinking that he is Cesario
Once he finds Orsino's household, he facilitates the unraveling of Viola's fake identity
Antonio is the man who saved Sebastian in the shipwreck
Sees Viola as Cesario in the fight with Andrew, and thinking she is Sebastian, tries to save her only to confuse her
The Sea Captain is the man who saves Viola in the shipwreck
Helps Viola disguise herself as Cesario and promises to keep this secret
Twelfth Night

Valentine and Curio are both messengers of Orsino's
They both do not successfully convince Olivia to love Orsino
Love/ Interested in
Play trick on Malvolio
Character Map
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