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Modern Day Witch Hunts: LGBT

No description

Sydney Lawson

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Modern Day Witch Hunts: LGBT

The Crucible
In Arthur Miller's
The Crucible
, accusations of witchcraft were made on behalf of fear and greed. Seventeen year old Abigail Williams and her friends were caught dancing in the forest, and words of witchcraft began to go around. In order to save themselves, they went around and falsely accused nineteen men and women of making deals with the devil and practicing witchcraft. In some instances, accusations were made on behalf of fear. The girls feared what would become of them, or what could happen to them. Abigail, in a sense, was their "leader", and anything she began to say or do, the other girls would follow along. Other times, the accusations were made on behalf of greed. Out of spite, Abigail accuses Goody (Elizabeth) Proctor of being a witch, due to the fact of a previously failed "relationship" with John Proctor. Though Abigail was the main character calling all of the shots, other characters, too, were driven by fear and greed. Mary Warren, another girl caught dancing in the woods, is on Abigail's side when word of witchcraft first comes about. But she later goes against her word because of John Proctor. When asked if her previous implications were true or not, Mary cracks under pressure and says that everything she had confessed under John Proctor was false. All of the accusations were made on a simple basis of fear of difference throughout the community.
Arthur Miller's The Crucible
Works Cited
Anti-Gay Laws in Russia
Modern Day Witch Hunts: LGBT
Sydney Lawson p.3
In my own opinion, I believe that the reasoning behind the discrimination of homosexual relationships is the fear of something different than what is considered "normal". People are scared of what will happen if people go against what everyone has known for so long. The excuses given today, especially those by Putin, are completely illogical and do not support their reasoning at all. People are doing no harm to society by being gay. There are many other ills in this country that need to be addressed, rather than discriminating against a group of people who have done no wrong. Just because these people form relationships with those of the same gender, it does not mean in any way, shape, or form they are different than us.
What is the Motivation?
In today's society, there are certain groups who are singled out and targeted based on gender, race, ethnicity, religion, or sexuality. A group that seems to be a main target today is the LGBT, or Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgenders. All over the world, this group of people has been targeted based on their sexuality. The severity of the problem has increased so greatly over the years, and has been the cause of many suicides and deaths among teenagers. Though schools and officials have made it a point to address these issues, their efforts in doing so have not had much of an impact. High school student Rebecca Dearing, who is a part of her schools gay straight alliance, said "This shouldn't be a political issue any more, when it's affecting the lives of our students, it's a human issue that needs to be dealt with. They can be doing more and they're not" (nbcnews.com). In the article "Persecuted For Being Gay", homosexuals from all over the world share their stories on how they are shunned from their communities based on their sexualities. This article helps to show that this issues not only exists in the United States, but throughout the world.
Vladimir Putin, Russia's President, has passed several laws that ban any signs of "pro gay-ness" in Russia. One law stated that gay couples in Russia were not able to adopt children into their families. Just days before Putin signed another law that allowed police officers "to arrest tourists and foreign nationals they suspect of being homosexual, lesbian or “pro-gay” and detain them for up to 14 days" (nytimes.com). Putin signed a bill that classified any type of propaganda for gay rights as pornography. It is said that in upcoming months he is to sign a bill that will remove children from any homosexual relationship or family. He justifies his actions by "saying that the Russian birthrate is diminishing and that Russian families as a whole are in danger of decline" (nytimes.com). Though this makes sense to him, it is not logical nor does it clarify his reasoning.

Kids React to Gay Marriage
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