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Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

No description

Rain Chua

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

impacts of analysis
First Balloon Fiesta
13 hot air balloons
AIBF also hosted the Gordon Bennett World Championship Gas Balloon Race.
Most photographed special event in the world with
1,708 photo journalists
receiving press credentials

950 balloon pilots
18 countries
48 states
, with
1.612 million people
in attendance
(Turco, 1997)
Now / outcomes
Remains as the largest ballooning event on earth
Most photographed event on earth
The largest annual international event held in United States
Size of Balloon Fiesta Park is as big as 54 football fields
Special event
Unique opportunity
Community Bonding, which may be the only time of the year that they see each other during AIBF
The world's premier international ballooning event
"Albuquerque Box"
The Fiesta Park is located north of Alameda Boulevard, New Mexico, US
(Riedle, 2013)
4th - 12th October 2014
Divided into two sessions in one day, across 9 days of the festival
General Admission Tickets at any session on any day is USD $8 per session; 12 yrs and below free admission.
Additional charge will be applied if you want to board the hot air balloon
Attendees figures
zebra directors :
Kelly Ong (32008555)
Chua Xin Yu (Rain) (32067484)
Thian Mei Yee (32232135)
Shih Yi Jin (32039442)
content page
1. Introduction
2. Timeline: Form & Function
3. Attendees Figures
4. Stakeholders involvement
5. Positive Impacts
6. Current Issues
7. Current measures
8. Code of Conduct
9. Policy Tools
10. Critical review questions
11. Conclusion
12. Reference

stakeholder's theory
(Getz & Andersson, 2010)

The wide environment of people or entities that can affect, or be affected by an organisation’s actions (Freeman, 1984)

Stakeholder theory stresses the interactions of power, legitimacy, and urgency in creating overall salience (Mitchell, Agle, & Wood, 1997)
Public Consent
Residents’ Social Benefits:
-> Enhanced quality of life, entertainment,
satisfaction and socialization

80% agreed living in the host city of Balloon Fiesta gave them a sense of community pride
According to Crompton & Ap (1994), knowing the extent to which inconveniences are tolerated by residents provides a basis for finding solutions to minimizing potential conflicts which arise
Stakeholders involvement
Stakeholders involvement
Turco (1997)
Boost the quality of life
Increases availability of recreation and entertainment opportunities
Reform the understanding and image of different cultures
Promotes cultural exchange
Preserves the cultural identity of host population
Increases demand for historical and cultural exhibits
(Turco, 1997)
Multipliers Effects
The direct and indirect impact of the balloon fiesta was
Direct Effect
Indirect Effect
- Distributed because special event visitors often make purchases during all phases of a trip: at home and at or near the event site
- Measurement of backward linkages of a given industry to local input sources; it denotes linkages to local input suppliers
Multipliers Effects continue....
Induced Effect
Induced effects are the changes in economic activity resulting from household spending of income earned directly or indirectly as a result of tourism spending.

More than
150 small to international corporations
investing in Balloon Fiesta
Direct spending was
Out of area attendees spent an average of
$194 per day
while visiting.
Over are generated as a result of the impact of the Balloon Fiesta, and a payroll of
$21.9 million
is generated in the Metro-Albuquerque area
Nearly was generated in tax revenues
Nearly was generated in state and local taxes
(CRC & Associates , 2011)
(Davies, Coleman & Ramchandani, 2013)
(Davies, Coleman & Ramchandani, 2013)
(The Indicators Progress Commission, 2012)
25th March 2014
tou 304b

Current ISSUES
international balloon fiesta

Disturbance to the social community
High volume of cars
Street parking on the west side of the park
Balloons getting entangled in power lines
(Beckett, 2014)
Price Inflation
Increase in price or shortage of goods and services (Liu & Var, 1986)
Increase price on lands and housing and increase cost and living

Increased traffic flow
Air pollution:
Noise pollution produced by hot air balloon
Balloonists often land on private property without permission, causing damage.
Balloon Fiesta's launch directors
They help launch the balloons every morning
Zebras make up half of all of the officials on the field
There are 120 officials that run the events during the week of Balloon Fiesta.
(Aileen, C, 2014)‏
Festival and event stakeholder groups may be considered in relation to the power and influence that they are perceived to have within a festival or event organization. (Presenza & Iocca, 2012)
Festivals help to build and strengthen community
(Pegg & Patterson, 2010)
(KOAT-TV, 2013b)
(KOAT-TV, 2013a)
(Collins, Jones & Munday, 2009)
(Beckett, 2014)
current measures
(Balloon Fiesta steps up security for 2013)
(Morton, B., 2013)
(Sun-News report, 2013)
Large packages and backpacks are allowed at the park but they are subject to inspection upon entering.
Pets are not allowed except handicap assisting pets wearing their vests
Financial support for special events and conventions from government
(Dwyer, Mellor, Mistilis & Mules, 2000)
1,600 (1,602) full time equivalent jobs
$15 million
$9 million
More than 160 law enforcement officials will be on duty during each event
24-hour monitoring of the field and look out for anything suspicious
Certain areas will be observed through surveillance cameras
Mayor Richard Berry has signed a measure that amends the city's zoning code to allow for the launching and landing of balloons anywhere within city limits.
Protect homeowners from having a balloon land on their private property
Food and drinks are allowed but no glass or alcohol.
No smoking is allowed on the Launch Field while balloons are present. Smoking is permitted in designated locations on Main Street
According to the perceived public benefits and costs associated with the event
Assessing the economic impacts of events and conventions depend on type and location.
critical questions
question 1
Local irridex model: Apathy
- “Informal hospitality gives way to formalized contracts between tourists and the residents offering services”
(Howie, 2010)
Can you identify any problems with Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta that was created by local communities subsequently being used to attract tourism and inward investment? (Pg 30)
(Foley, McGillivray & McPherson, 2012)
question 2
Discuss the positive social impacts that Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta can produce for a destination. (Pg 100)
Social Outcomes
Legitimization: Public Consent
-> Resident's Social Benefits:
- Enhanced quality of life, entertainment, satisfaction and socialization
Social outcomes
(Lee, 2013)
- Public consent & involvement of locals and government
Sense of Belonging
- Spirit of the local people
In order to prevent repetition of hot air balloon accidents
Regular checks for the hot air balloon
Strict check on the license & experiences of pilots and crews
(Interorganizational Committee on Guidelines and Principles for Social Impact Assessment, 1995:35).
Can you identify any problems with Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta that was created by local communities subsequently being used to attract tourism and inward investment? (Pg 30)
Can you identify any problems with Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta that was created by local communities subsequently being used to attract tourism and inward investment? (Pg 30)
(Van Winkle & Woosnam, 2014)
Discuss the positive social impacts that Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta can produce for a destination. (Pg 100)
Discuss the positive social impacts that Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta can produce for a destination. (Pg 100)
Discuss the positive social impacts that Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta can produce for a destination. (Pg 100)
- Government uses event to share the vision
- Community attachment
Aileen, C. (2014)‏. Balloon Fiesta Facts and Figures. Retrieved from: http://albuquerque.about.com/od/albuquerqueeventcalendars/a/Balloon-Fiesta-Facts-And-Figures.htm

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Active citizen conservation

Sustainable Built Environments
(Allen, Long,Perdue, & Kieselbach, 1988)
(Lee, 2013)
Government Intervention
(Measure to make Albuquerque more balloon friendly in 2013)
(KOAT-TV, 2013c)
State Intervention
(Health violations down among Fiesta vendors in 2013)
CODE OF conduct
There has been an violations over the past two years due to poor food safety and ultimately lead to food borne illness
A great cooperation between the food services and the environmental health department: PPP.
Improved overall compared with the past two years.
Carbon Emission & Carbon Footprint
To reduce the high volume of cars
Implementing shuttle buses
Reduce in carbon footprint
Sense of Ownership
To infuse environmental education into events, as a form of ‘social marketing’
AIBF allows for community bonding and opportunity for locals to participate in designing their future
City boosterism :
Through the understanding of the negative consequences and decisions by the locals, it is understandable that impact assessment are necessary for the holding of the event
“We have a wide range of these itineraries to meet anyone's needs, so it makes it really simple for them to explore beyond Balloon Fiesta,” said Monique Jacobson, the New Mexico Tourism Department Secretary.
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