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Writing Consulting Philosophy Statement

No description

Jennie Zelenak

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Writing Consulting Philosophy Statement

Writing Consulting
Philosophy Statement Confidence T h o u g h t s I d e a s Writing Center Is Born. Walking with the writer Unlocking their abilities College Papers can be Intimidating It is my job as a consultant to redirect these worries to something positive Draw from Experience How? (Ease the writer's worries and establish rapport) First Priority? The Writer Feels Comfortable. Free to Express their Ideas Approachable Writing is Experimentation and Creation. Helping the writer to express him/herself in a meaningful way. I have worked with a particular EAP student twice in the writing center. The experience was eye opening. This student had great ideas, she simply lacked the confidence to put those ideas to paper. It's about handing the pen back to the writer, keeping their ownership in tact, working through the problem together. It's about accompaniment. LEading Questions. "My professor might not agree with this..." Each writing consultation I have experienced thus far has been unique, which has taught me Flexibility as a writing consultant Some students may have a whole paper, others may simply have an outline, or even less, just the assignment sheet itself. No matter the case, the consultation should revolve around the writer's goals and be about working WITH rather than FOR the writer. Most times, I've found in asking leading questions, the writer gets to where he or she wants to be all on their own. It is one of those "Aha!" moments and I believe marks a successful consultation. Accompaniment As a writing consultant, I act as a sort of guide, accompanying the client along in their paper, brainstorming, trouble areas, etc. The client is not only seeking growth and development as a writer, but also a sense of independence. This means the writer is still in charge of the consultation, with the consultant in the background. When I hear the word "accompany," I think of piano accompaniment to music. It is there to add a thread of music to the background of the soloist's piece, which is the focus of attention. We as consultants are in the background, following along with the tempo of the soloist, not rushing him/her in the least and never overpowering him/her. My main goal as a consultant is to have the writer leave feeling a little more confident in their own abilities and ready to tackle any writing assignment in the future. I will continue to reflect on my experiences as a consultant and use those to effectively build on my knowledge and skills as a consultant. Each consultation is a chance for both myself and the client to learn and grow. I enter into this appointments with an open mind and attentive ear.
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