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How to Flip Your Class: A Feasible Guide to Flipping Your Content


Nichole Carter

on 10 January 2016

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Transcript of How to Flip Your Class: A Feasible Guide to Flipping Your Content

A Feasible Guide to Flipping Your Content
What is the Flipped Model?
At it's core the idea is to take out direct instruction from the classroom and to move the application of the knowledge back in.

Think Feasible!
If it isn't something you can maintain, you won't do it!
Delivering the Content:
In a mastery based program use backwards design linked to the standards.
Do the WSQ!
How to Make a Video
Research and Create the content.
All flipped models are different, that is okay! Find what works for you and your population of students.
Think about your options:
Do you want to create your own material?
Can you deliver the content with videos, articles, podcasts?
Do you want to use previously made videos?
Once you know the ending summative assessment you can better breakdown how to deliver the content.
Jon Bergman says to keep videos to 1.5 minutes per grade level. (For sure 15 minutes or less)
2-3 videos per week.
Think about what you want them to do when they watch these videos at home.
atch and take notes
ummarize the content
Think HOT!
The Power of the Pause Button
Teach the students the proper behavior for watching these videos.
They should watch on their own
Go at their own pace, teach the power of the pause button
This style of teaching is great for ALL students, they can rewind, pause for their own pace of note taking, and re-watch!
First Few Days of School
It's a good idea to model these ideas in class before unleashing the students on their own.
I like to watch a video that I made explaining these concepts in class. (It is five minutes long)
I have a student come up to my SMART board and control the video, and pause it when they need to.
Stick with a presentation medium you are comfortable with.
Think feasible!
Do a screencast of the video.
Screencastomatic.com (FREE)
snagit or awesome screencaputre (chrome extension)
If you have a Mac you could use Quicktime
To Face or Not to Face?
My videos generally are a slide deck, and a voice over.
Feedback from students in the past was that they were fine with a disembodied voice! This year that might change!
No script! Don't be a robot!
Guided Notes or Not?
I started with guided notes my first year and ended up dropping them due to keeping my sanity!
Going Digital with Google Forms
This can make grading a breeze!
Learning Management Systems & Google Sites
Used in the classroom to push stuff out to the students in a blended learning environment.
Also a great place for students at home for a central log in and contact with the teacher.
Google Sites
One place for parents to go to for information on class.
Viewing Parties
I provide, at least once a week, office hours for students to come in and catch up on their homework and use the devices in my room.
Sometimes snacks are provided.
Videos in class?
Other interventions...
Face to Face Time, How Does That Change?
Discussion in class on nightly homework
Activities and application in class
In my class specifically:
Summative & Formmative worked out together
Reading and discussion time
Essays done together in class where help can happen whenever a question appears.
One on one intervention for those students that need help
It also asks that you rethink the
valuable face to face time with
Develop your PLN!
Use the LMS systems too!
Monday 8-9pm EST follow #flipclass
Flipped Learning Network http://flippedclassroom.org/
Using Other Resources:
Educanon, zaption, edpuzzle
Web tools that allow you to use your own videos or youtube videos to add questions embedded into the video.
The video will pause and students have to answer the questions. Great formative assessement & immediate feedback for teachers and students.
In constantly thinking about "is this working for my students?" I stopped using the digital WSQ's. Students take notes in their spirals and you can grade them by walking around the room
Don't be afraid to make changes according to your population of students.
Using my LMS self-paced mastery (blended/flipped)
Let's Look at a Resource:
This is a list of some ideas of more ways to work content knowledge from the videos into class discussions.
Parent Response
Decide if you need to address the new style of learning.
If yes, send home a letter at the beginning of the year.
Think about your students and what will help them be the most successful.
Don't be afraid to fail, or try something new.
For Materials Go to: www.mrscarterhla.com
Flip Your Class:
Using apps
Explain Everything, Educreations, Screenchomp etc.
Other ideas:
Paper Slide Videos
Use an ELMO & Screencast
Use a SMART board & screencast
Video recorder of you at the whiteboard
Using Other Resources:
Using Other Resources:
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