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A Prezi on Prezi for Educators

This is a beginner's Prezi for creating a basic Prezi to use in the classroom - very simple, very quick. It is meant for educators to help teach students how to use Prezi and to help teachers create powerful and attractive presentations as well.

Chrissi Lewandowski

on 4 August 2013

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Transcript of A Prezi on Prezi for Educators

Creating a Prezi
The 5 Basics to Starting a
Getting Started:
Getting Started:
Getting Started:
1) Create a Prezi account. If you use your school
email address, you can upgrade to an educational
teacher's account.
2) Log in.
3) Click "New Prezi."
4) Select your background/theme.
5) Start adding content!
Getting Started:
Adding videos from YouTube and the web is very easy to do. Power points can be added too - but why add that when you already have a great Prezi?

Go to "Insert".
Click "YouTube video".
Copy & paste the link from YouTube.
Check it out!
The same applies for Power point. Choose from your desktop.
Getting Started:
Getting Started:
Adding text is really easy. Simply
click on "Add Text Here" suggestions.
You want to go outside of the template? No problem!
Since Prezi's new updates, adding fun visuals to presentations is much easier than before!

Go to "Insert".
Click on "Symbols & Shapes" to add simple clip art.
Click on "Diagrams" to add simple diagrams and edit them.
Adding music and voice overs have also become easier!

To add music:
Go to "insert".
Click on "Add background music."
Select music from your iTunes account.
Sarah Bouwer & Chrissi Lewandowski
Concordia International School - Shanghai
To jazz up your text:

Hover over corner square + circle appears = rotates the text box when you click and hold
Using arrow tools = expands and contracts text box
Click out of text box = ability to move box around
Editing tool kit = text color, text sizing, indents, bullet points, etc.
Click 'insert'- Go to Images
Do a search from Google Images or your computer

You can crop image by highlighting and cropping the image
Enjoying Spring Break in Prague!
Frames & Arrows
Click on frames and arrows
add frame: allows you to add more pathways if you have multiple points
frames can be various shapes- edits just like normal!
Adding Visuals
Funneling Cool Ideas
for Prezis
Language Arts
Social Studies
Charts & graphs
Research Notes
Problem solving
Word problem diagrams
Character diagrams
Story webs
Plot diagramming
Book report
Current events
Foreign language presentations
Art history timelines
Sports concepts
Team meetings
Live edits with team members.
Turn into an iMovie.
Adding Video & Power Points
Adding Music & Voice over
To create a voice over:
Record voice over in QuickTime media.
Go to "insert".
Click on "Select path step to add voice over."
Select voice over file.
Add to specific path steps.
: If you create extra frames
outside of the template, you will need to change your pathways (similar to a "slide"). This is done by using the left side boxes to edit your pathways.
Boston Marathon Bombing
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