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Rules by Cynthia Lord

No description

natalie hernandez

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Rules by Cynthia Lord

by Cynthia Lord
Frustration is something Catherine experiences a lot because of her trouble with David. Although she loves David, she experiences a Character vs. Self conflict because of her madness, sadness, and frustration. Davids' autism causes this, and Catherine takes it out on herself.

Catherine has a brother with autism, David. This has made her life very hard, always having to watch over and babysit him. Catherine makes rules for David like, "FLUSH THE TOILET", "KEEP YOUR PANTS ON IN PUBLIC!" David goes to OT (occupational therapy), and Catherine goes to wait for him with her mom and meets Jason, a boy who can't walk or talk, so he's in a wheelchair. He has a communication book to talk. Along with everything Catherine goes through, she also has a new neighbor and her name is Kristi! Kristi is friends with Ryan, a boy who is rude to David and Catherine, but a good friend to Kristi. So Kristi and Catherine don't get along. There is a dance for the community center where Kristi works. Kristi is going with Ryan, and Jason asked Catherine to the dance, but when Jason gets mad at Catherine, will he show up to the dance? What will Kristi say when she finds out who Jason really is...

Well, Catherine and Ryan, as you saw in the other slide, aren't good friends mainly because David gets teased by Ryan. Since David can't stand up for himself, Catherine has to stand up for him herself. This makes Catherine not like Ryan. Catherine is a sweet, nice, and friendly girl but gets frustrated when David gets teased. Ryan on the other hand, is rude to David but nice to Kristi. Kristi is his friend. This makes Catherine the Protagonist, and Ryan the Antagonist.
Catherine & Ryan
The setting of this book is in Catherine's neighborhood. Also, this book takes place in OT.
This is Cynthia Lord
Since Catherine is the main character of Rules, and since Rules is part of Catherine's life, doesn't it makes sense for her to be telling the story? So in Rules, Catherine tells the story in a 1st person POV.

by Natalie Hernandez
"No toys in the fish tank!"
Leave your pants on in public!
say "excuse me" after you burp
Catherine is the main character of RULES. She has a hard time with David because she is the one who has to babysit him all the time! Also, she is the one who always has to stand up for David.
David is Catherine's autistic brother. He doesn't really like OT. David uses the rules Catherine makes for him to have manners and to be a little more "normal", which is why Catherine makes these rules for him anyway.
Jason is a boy that Catherine met at OT. Jason goes to OT because he can't walk or talk. Jason has a communication book with word cards, so he can speak by touching a word card. Catherine makes these cards for him and also draws pictures.
Kristi is Catherine's new neighbor. She is really good friends with Ryan which I will tell you about in the next slide. Kristi isn't that nice to Catherine or David.
Ryan is a very mean boy. He is mean to Catherine and he loves to tease David. Even though he's mean to Catherine and David, he is a great friend to Kristi.
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