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Oral Cancer

No description

Koh Wen Thong

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Oral Cancer

Oral Cancer
One form of malignancy that is very easily detect through oral checkup.

Indians and indigenous people of Sabah and Sarawak have a higher prevalence of developing oral cancer.

The practice of oral habits such as smoking, betel quid chewing and alcohol consumption are the main risk habits to oral cancer in Malaysian population.

Oral human papillomavirus(HPV) and sunlight is a risk factor to oral cancer.
Our preliminary results from the MOCDTBS* developed by the MOCRI group indicated that among 156 oral cancer patients, the risk habits that was most commonly practiced was
betel quid chewing (59.9%)
smoking (36.1%)
alcohol consumption (35.2%)
Common sites and survival statistics
The most common sub-site was:
- cheek (36.2%)
- tongue (33.8%)
- gum (21.5%)
- palate (4.6%)
- floor of mouth (3.8%).

Majority of the patients came when the disease is advanced at the end stage--
Among those who come at late stage (stages III and IV), only survived 1 year after diagnosis.
Survival for those who seek treatment at early stages (stage I and II) was
* Early/unpublished results on mouth/oral cancer research in Malaysia arising from the Malaysian Oral Cancer Database and Tissue Bank System (MOCDTBS)
stage IV (62.3%)
Watch out for this symptom!
Non-healing ulcer more than 2 weeks
And also this symptoms!
White and red patches in the mouth.
Swelling or lumps of lips or any oral structures
Make your own self-examination
You need:
A mirror
A pair of clean hand
A torchlight(if the area is not enought bright)
A short and simple video about self examination
Diagnosis of oral cancer
Treatment & Side Effects


Diagnosis of oral cancer
Healthy tissue appears as a bright apple green,
The suspicious regions are identified by a loss of fluorescence, which thus appear dark.
- dry mouth, tooth decay
- hair loss,loss of appetite
Put on lip balm with Sun Protection Factor(SPF)
Consume more green vegetables and fruits.
Avoid sun
Put on lip balm on Sun Protection Factor(SPF)
Quit alcohol, tobacco smoke and betel quid chewing.
ction of
Koh Wen Thong
Edited by:
Koh Wen Thong
Photographed by:
Koh Wen Jing/ Tai Tze Shin/ Choo Woei Loon
Visit a dentist if you are unsure about having oral cancer.
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