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Marmot Mobile

No description

Eric Ricafrente

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Marmot Mobile

User Benefits Business Benefits Get discovered by new customers{visitors + locals}
Increase foot traffic to your establishment.
Increase engagement with your customer base and earn more money via our in-app location-based content & promotions.
Drive loyalty & revenue via Marmot’s featured offers & location-based specials.
Increase viral and word-of-mouth marketing power via Marmot’s consumer generated 'Send-A-Postcard' and 'Create-A-Trek' features.
Become a 'Sherpa-Certified' business to be featured in our interest-based Sherpa curated geo-Tours and referrals. Not another run-of-the-mill...
Daily deals site
“Check-In” app
Travel deals app
We are a hyperlocal, interests-based travel app
Geo-tagged notifications that matter to you
Insider knowledge of communities, events, and deals
Hand-picked places and events based on your interests
Sherpa led and curated treks
Earn Marmot swag & points you can spend by creating your own geo-tagged tours
Create custom postcards from pictures you take in Marmot and send them to your friends and followers via social networks
Sherpa led VIP Flash Sales, Events & Parties "in your backyard or
across the pond"
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