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Aurora Prezi

No description

Emma Koral

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Aurora Prezi

Auroras What are auroras?

Auroras are a display of colorful, visible light in the sky. They are also known as the northern lights, southern lights, aurora borealis' and aurora australis. By Emma Koral How do they develop?

When solar winds send highly charged particles to earths atmosphere they react with elements creating different colors depending on different elements. They make the wave-like pattern because of magnetic fields around earth. When and where do they occur?

They occur in the ionosphere in earths atmosphere, but on earth occur mostly in the northern and southern hemisphere.
They occur during day and night, but are only visible when the sky is dark. Auroras are not dangerous, destructive, or lethal even though they are a form of sun rays What makes all the different colors?

Color of auroras depend on the element and altitude. Color Element Altitude Red Oxygen 150 miles

Green Oxygen 150 miles

Blue Nitrogen 60 miles

Purple Helium 60 miles Color Chart Can auroras be predicted?

Yes, but it is hard. To predict auroras the solar winds have to be predicted. Since auroras aren't dangerous there are no safety precautions needed Auroras occur in the north and south pole because that is where the aurora ovals are. Aurora ovals block the magnetic fields allowing us to see the auroras. Work Cited

http://easybib.com/export/html Auroras can also occur on Jupiter and Saturn. The Suns Cycle

The sun has an 11 year cycle, and when the cycle ends solar activity increases or decreases allowing auroras to be seen farther than just the north and south pole. On a rare occasion they can be seen in parts of central Europe and parts of America. (not including Alaska)
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