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superman Presentation

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Bishara Bronson

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of superman Presentation

Finally The Creation of Superman Superman was created by Jerry Siegel and drawn by Joe Shuster, in 1933.
First published in their fanzine, Science Fiction.
Two reasons for the creation of Superman:
To attract girls and get out of Cleveland, Ohio
Jerry Siegel's father's death How has Superman been presented in the history
of American Pop culture? Superman has been the most recognizable and idealistic superhero of all time, when a new unlicesenced superhero is being created ,artist sometimes knock off some small idea of superman in some way either his personality, sense of justice, his appearance, or just the or the very idea of Superman. Superman first appeared in Action comic #1 published April 18, 1938, He has also been in countless movies, graphic novels, video games, and TV shows. Cultural Signifiance:
•What values, then, does the Man of Steel represent? Well, only few people know that the original creation of the comic’s character was one of a bald, rough villain. It was soon to be changed into what was to become the most iconic character ever. And the character has grown to represent the values of morality, goodness, righteousness, virtue, justice, and honesty. He became a symbol of fight of good against the evil. This is the ethical level.
•Through the character of Superman the humans were to recognize the polarity of human nature - there is inherent good in us, but so is evil. Perhaps, it is the environment we grow up in that makes the crucial decision, however, the message of Superman is - we can fight the evil.
•Yet another side of Superman is that of metaphysics. On a metaphysical level, Superman, being from another planet, gives the human race a chance to step "outside" for a moment and enter a contemplative state, a state of self-reflection, and ask those fundamental questions - Who are we? Where did we come from and where are we going? Are we alone? Why are we so self-destructive? Why is there no peace? This is the philosophical level.
•Finally, Superman, being a part of culture, and representing the values stated here, has a psychological effect. This can be seen in children. Children who possess a Superman action figure can be observed to develop the values that Superman represents. They are growing with the distinction between the good and the evil and a clear inclination towards the good, they, very early, develop the sense of morality, honesty, and bravery. A simple toy - Superman action figure - can have a tremendous effect on a child. Time Line of 1938-1950
1938 - Golden Age Comics
1940 - Superman Radio Program
1941 - Fleischer Superman Cartoons
1948 - Kirk Alyn Superman Serials

1951 - 'The Adventures of Superman' TV Series
1956 - Silver Age Comics

1966 - Superman Broadway Musical
1966 - 'The New Adventures of Superman' Cartoons
1973 - 'Super Friends' Cartoons

1978 - 'Superman: The Movie'
1980 - 'Superman II' Movie
1983 - 'Superman III' Movie
1984 - 'Supergirl' Movie

1986 - Modern Age Comics
1987 - 'Superman IV: The Quest for Peace' Movie
1988 - Ruby Spears 'Superman' Cartoons
1988 - 'Superboy' TV Series
1993 - 'Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman' TV Series
1994 - Superman Homepage debuts online
1996 - 'Superman: The Animated Series' Cartoons

2001 - 'Smallville' TV Series
2001 - 'Justice League' Cartoons
2005 - 'Krypto: The Superdog' Cartoons
2006 - 'Superman: Brainiac Attacks' Animated Movie
2006 - 'Superman Returns' Movie
2006 - 'Legion of Super Heroes' Cartoons
2007 - 'Superman: Doomsday' Animated Movie
2008 - 'Justice League: New Frontier' Animated Movie
2009 - 'Superman/Batman: Public Enemies' Animated Movie

2010 - 'Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths' Animated Movie
2010 - 'Superman/Batman: Apocalypse' Animated Movie
2010 - 'Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam' Animated Short
2010 - 'Young Justice' Animated Series
2011 - 'All-Star Superman' Animated Movie
2012 - 'Justice League: Doom' Animated Movie
2012 - 'Superman vs. The Elite' Animated Movie
2013 - 'Superman: Unbound' Animated Movie
2013 - Superman 'Man of Steel' Movie How has the depiction of the Superhero changed over that Timeline? : What is the long term cultural significance of Superman The Ideal of Superman has not changed over the years . Most of what makes up Superman like his trademark clothes and his colors of red and blue, equipped with the red cape in which he was wrapped in when he was a baby has not changed. Remotely the only thing of Superman that has changed is his symbol features and appearance (and the actors that have portrayed him).
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